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November 3, 2016


Land Services, Inc. is ready, and perhaps more importantly able, to tackle your next assignment and new projects starting in 2017. Selecting and aligning yourself with a  proven land group is imperative with the growing complexities of our industry. 
We have been operating for over 22 years as a full-service consulting company that offers land, geographic information systems (GIS), title, and regulatory services for the oil and gas industries in the United States. We offer services in the areas of Administration, Oil and Gas Lease Acquisition, Title and Ownership Reports, Verbatim Abstracts of Title, Right-of-Way Acquisition, Due Diligence, GIS-mapping, Permitting and Project Management, Client Liaison, Renewable Energy and  Telecommunication Services.

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Joseph M. Holt, President
Land Services
OH Supreme Court Finally Rules on Dormant Mineral Act
Source: Marcellus Drilling News
MDN has been reporting on the Ohio Dormant Mineral Act (DMA) for years. 
In a nutshell, there are two DMAs in Ohio-one passed in 1989 that went into effect in 1992, and another in 2006 which added certain additional procedural requirements to the 1989 version. The DMA in its various versions provides for mineral rights that had previously been separated from surface rights to transfer back to the surface owner under certain conditions. The problem, for drillers and for landowners in Ohio, is in knowing which set of DMA rules to use (1989 or 2006) in determining who owns the mineral rights. A number of DMA cases went before the Ohio Supreme Court. Source: 
Ladybird Deeds: Conveyances of a Different Feather 
A Lady Bird Deed is an enhanced life estate deed. Basically, it is a conveyance of real property with a
reservation of a life estate by the grantor, including the power to sell, mortgage, lease, etc.

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