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The majority of people live limited lives because of limitations they place upon themselves. Although many would argue that life has struck them cruel blows and that is why their options are limited, others can be found who have risen above such conditions to have fuller and more complete lives. It is therefore not so much our circumstances that limit us, but it is rather the reactions of our mind to such conditions, based upon the state of consciousness that dominates our thinking.

Limitations about oneself and one's life are generally caused by a comprehension of oneself that is born of and exists on an intellectual level of self-comprehension. Intellect, by its very nature, is limited in what it can know, comprehend and correctly evaluate. In essence, people see themselves only at the limited level of understanding of the intellect.

The pictures presented by the intellect to oneself are thus also limited, and not at all representative of the vaster picture that could be produced if one were to go deeper into one's mind, beyond the surface levels of intellectual comprehension. Limitations caused by leaving one's life to intellectual evaluation can include the factors discussed below.
Text taken from Theocentric Psychology 

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