October 14, 2012   2 PM



Dear Friends,


Please joins us in the most important Tea Party of our lives--the Election Day Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Effort and the Election Day Poll Watching Project (invitation below).


We need every like-minded individual to become engaged in the 2012 Election--without any further delay.  There are only 22 days left!


Thankfully, many of you have already answered the call.  


Independence Hall Tea Party PAC supporter Joe Szalwinski has dropped over 6,000 pieces of literature.  PAC Board Delegate, Gerry Pascal, despite working full time, has donated 20 hours a week--since June--at the Philadelphia Victory Office!


For those of you who have not yet gotten involved: 


Imagine what it would be like if you were to wake-up Wednesday morning, November 7, only to find that Barack Obama had been re-elected President by the narrowest of margins--or that Tom Smith had lost to Senator Bob Casey by less than 10,000 votes.  This could very well happen.  The election is that close!


Our Troops in Afghanistan serve the United States 24/7--and risk their lives every moment they breathe. The very least we can do is support them by electing a responsible government--one whose Commander-in-Chief will defend America--not apologize for her decency.


If you really want to stop ObamaCare or insure that the United States maintains a free market economy, then you will temporarily put off unnecessary shopping, give up Saturday golf outings, and/or pass up Sunday matinees--and volunteer, instead.  (You can wait to see Atlas Shrugged, Part II until after the election.  It will still be around.) 


If you want to live in the United States of America and not the Socialist States of America,

you will join us during next three weeks.


The Election Day Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort is well underway--calling at Victory Centers, the PAC's upcoming Door-to-Door Walk (TBA), as well as our Election Day Poll Watching Project.


To find a PA Romney/Ryan/Smith Victory Center or NJ Runyan Campaign Office near you, or to sign up for the PAC's Election Day Poll Watching Project (details below), visit www.IndependenceHallTeaPartyPAC.com  


Please volunteer whenever you can--during the week and/or on the weekend.   Volunteer on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6--even if it means taking a vacation day. 


The sacrifices you make now may prevent untold suffering in the future


We have one last request.  Please pray--for our candidates, our troops, and our our nation!


On behalf of the PAC Board of Delegates,

Don Adams

Join Our Poll Watching Team

 Tired of dead people voting?

 Angry Voter ID is being nixed?

 Want to stop voter fraud in 2012?


There is something you can do.


Join our Election Day Poll Watching team!

(special need for attorneys)


We'll monitor Philadelphia and Suburban Precincts that haven't been watched in years.


 Let's keep the election fair and honest--for a change.


 Election Day Poll Watching Project

Tuesday, November 6, 7 AM-8 PM

At a Precinct in your County


Register Here Now!

Can't make it, but will donate!


Training and Poll Watcher Certificates to be provided.

 For more information, call 215.620.3055.


 This just might be the most important election in your lifetime.

:Sponsored by the Independence Hall Tea Par

Sponsored by the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC.

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Visit:  www.IndependenceHallTeaParty.com.