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   Cheese of The Week: Kinsman Ridge 

Kinsman Ridge is made by the Erb Family at the Landaff Creamery in Landaff NH and aged at the Cellars at Jasper Hill. The cheese is a washed rind cow's milk cheese that is allowed to develop some light molds on the rind as it completes its aging. It has a semi-soft texture that is very creamy and milky and has delightful flavors of nuts. Reminiscent of Saint Nectaire from France.  


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Queen City Cookies

New in the shop are these delicious, beautifully packaged cookies from Queen City Cookies in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Silver Sofi Award finalist (think the Oscar's of Food) Pachyderm Packs are unabashedly bold, delightful pairings to share and savor.

Hand stamped with decorative molds, each cookie melts in your mouth. Made with real ingredients like European-Style Plugra butter and pure cane sugar. Nothing fake. 


 BELLOCQ, the award-winning tea company and purveyor of evocative artisan blends, has relocated their 'tea atelier' to Greenpoint, New York following the success of their Kings Road, London shop, Bellocq Tea Atelier. These teas are organic, delicious and beautifully packaged.

                                                   JK Adams 1761 Collection 

Cheese Board


                                             Dorset, Vermont, the town that J.K. adams calls home, was incorporated in 1761. In honor of this seminal year, and of the many talented craftspeople who have shaped the community since it's founding, they designed the 1761 collection It makes a great gift for mom.





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 On all Fairfield Cheese Company platters, each cheese is labeled and includes bread or crackers and fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts. Need a wine suggestion? You're in luck - Harry's is right next door, pairing is one of our specialties.

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