Re-Defining LiPo Battery Performance

More Power, Smaller Size, Lighter Weight and Longer Sustained Performance


Thunder Power RC introduces exclusive Generation 8 (G8) chemistry defining new standards in RC LiPo battery performance. The G8 Chemistry difference delivers 10% more power, increased cycle life and ultra-fast charge rates up to 12C* while also boasting a new smaller size and weight combined over all previous generation chemistry.


LAS VEGAS, NV. March 1, 2013- Thunder Power RC (TPRC) was the first to introduce LiPo batteriesworld-wide for RC electric-powered aircraft. Today TPRC is once again establishing industry standards for the ultimate culmination in power delivery, cycle-life, size, weight, warranty and value. The all-new and exclusive G8 chemistry delivers the smallest and lightest combined footprint up to10% smaller and 5% lighter than previous generation batteries. G8 is the smallest, lightest, most powerful, longest lasting, and fastest charge rate capable LiPo batteries to date! G8 Batteries offer the highest energy and power density in high-discharge rate capable LiPo technology, overall measuring in at a smaller volume per capacity and lower in weight while delivering up to 10% more power than previous generations. This series of LiPo batteries also boasts the highest charge rate capability in the industry with the ability to charge at rates up to 12C* for charge times in 5 minutes or less. Pilots will also benefit from higher retained initial voltage resulting in more power/punch longer, than previous generation batteries.


Industry-leading performance and capability is a result of building G8 cells using the latest in high-quality, super-fine substrate (nano) technology Japanese-made materials with advanced technologies and optimized compositions not found in other cells. The technologies and composition yields the most premium quality, highest spec cells when combined with the Premium Stack Technology (PST) construction, resulting in the lowest possible internal resistance (IR) and coolest operating temperatures. The G8 chemistry IR difference provides optimal, cooler operating temperatures resulting in a longer cycle life. Enjoy the same power delivery at the first cycle to the 600+ cycle and resulting in a lowest cost per cycle LiPo available. The G8 series batteries are the industry leaders in cycle life delivery and longevity, up to 5 times better than other brands. Helping to lower the cost per cycle is new lower pricing -- up to 15% lower prices on select G8 Series batteries. Thunder Power RC's quality LiPo batteries undergo a rigorous matching, assembly, multiple quality control check points all done in our facility here in the USA. Backed and supported by our leading 2 year warranty and damage replacement program coverage.


The G8 Air Battery Line Up

G8 Pro Lite +25CThunderPower RC has served the RC LiPo market for a decade and longer than any other RCbattery brand. This new line of G8 product culminates in our best battery series to-date. The all new generation chemistry re-invents the 25C line as the G8 Pro Lite+ 25C Series. The Pro Lite+ LiPois the smallest by volume, 3% lighter than previous versions, and capable of 5C* charge rates. 



G8 Performance Pro 45C The G8 Performance Pro 45C batteries are now 10% smaller by volume, delivering more power and 2% lower in weight. Capable of charge rates up to 8C. 





G8 Pro Force 70C The peak in performance  culminates withthe G8 Pro Force 70C offering 10% more power, up to 10% higher initial voltage and sustained power, up to 10% smaller, up to 3% lighter than the G6 Pro Power 65C batteries and are capable of charge rates up to 12C*. The G8 Series of batteries delivers the highest power per the capacity and discharge rate available while backed by a 2 year warranty to offer the long-lasting value and maximum performance. In addition, select G8 Series batteries are now up to 15% less expensive than the G6 Series equivalent.


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About Thunder Power RC  

Since 2003 Thunder Power RC has been the world-leader in the advancement of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery power and charging solutions for a wide variety of RC, UAV/UAS and other applications. Continuing to set industry-leading standards in performance, reliability and value is why more pilots, drivers and professionals world-wide choose Thunder Power RC LiPo batteries over any other brand.

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Shanin Polce
Marketing Director
Thunder Power RC



*When using approved charger and balancer combinations.





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