G raphite Sheet
Resistant to high
Perforated Sheet
Reinforce steal bond
between layers
Facing Material
Higher overall
sealing capacity
HP Cylinder Head Gaskets

High combustion pressure of Turbocharged diesel engines represents significant challenges for Cylinder Head Gaskets.

For this reason PAI’s engineers has developed our new High Performance 7-Layer Cylinder Head Gasket , to ensure safe and optimum performance through critical high-pressure and high-temperature conditions; while providing a strong durable seal.
7-Layer Lamination

 The HP Cylinder Head Gasket  uses Graphite layers that present high sealing capabilities, and resistance to heat and most corrosive chemicals. Perforated Steel Core in between each layer to ensure a secure overall bond and increase gasket strength.

Additional internal Graphite Sheets are installed to withstand extreme pressure, high and low temperatures, while maintaining flexibility without warping or deforming.

Extended Warranty

For more information on our High Performance Cylinder Head Gaskets click the link below, or contact your PAI Representative for our full line of High Performance Truck Parts.

High Heat Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Longer Life Performance
Stronger Sealant Bond
Increase Strength
High Pressure Resistant

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