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Annual Meeting
Plan now to attend this year's 
Annual Meeting of the Parish
THIS Sunday, Feb. 4 after the 10 am service

Plan now to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish THIS Sunday, February 4 after the 10:00 am service (about 11:30 - 1:00). We will elect Officers and Vestry members, and hear reports from the Treasurer, Property Manager, and from our Co-Rectors. 

This year we will also hear about some important potential renovations to our building which we are sure will provide for some stimulating conversations! The Vestry needs to hear your voice as they make decisions / set priorities, etc., so please come.
Some potential projects:
  • Installing a new bathroom on the first level near the Sanctuary
  • Installing an elevator and updating the staircase to the second level
  • Making the Clark Street entrance handicapped accessible
  • Installing new seating and lighting in the church
  • Making the altar area more accessible
  • Installing a new sound system

Childcare will be available. The children will eat lunch together and watch a movie. 
Nominations for Vestry - to be elected at the Annual Meeting on February 4

The Nominating Committee met in December and voted the following slate of candidates to be elected into office at the Annual Meeting of the Parish scheduled for Sunday, February 4.  Nominations are also welcome from the floor.   Be sure you check with someone before nominating them, and they must be present at the annual meeting so they can accept the nomination in person.
  • Officers (1 yr. terms)
    • Senior Warden - Laurence P. Macdonald
    • Junior Warden - Audrey E. Martin
    • Treasurer - David Doneski
    • Clerk - Nancy Morrison
  • Vestry Members         
    • Suzanne Bloore (1 yr. term - filling a vacancy)
    • James Talkington (3 yr. term)
    • Dwayne Aljets (3 yr. term)
  •  Diocesan Convention Delegates (1 yr. term)          
    •  Mike Blasik
    •  Gregory Harrison
  • Alewife Deanery Delegates (1 yr. term)          
    • Debbie Caruso
    • Janet Macdonald

The focal shelf for the Ash Wednesday service for families with young children.
Ash Wednesday is February 14

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline.

Ash Wednesday emphasizes two themes: our sinfulness before God and our human mortality. The service focuses on both themes, helping us to realize that both have been triumphed through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

During the Ash Wednesday services, the celebrant will lightly rub the sign of the cross with ashes onto the foreheads of worshipers. The use of ashes as a sign of mortality and repentance has a long history in Jewish and Christian worship. Historically, ashes signified purification and sorrow for sins.

It is traditional to save the palm branches from the previous Palm Sunday service to burn to produce ashes for this service.

Ash Wednesday Service Schedule:
  • 7:00 AM     Holy Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes (NEW THIS YEAR)
  • 4:30 PM     Service for families with young children
  • 7:00 PM     Holy Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

Lent in a Bag 2018
Preparing to come close to the Mystery of Easter with children.

This year's version of "Lent in a Bag" is ready for your family!  This year's bag features:
  •  a make-your-own banner (you can write "remember" on one side and "Alleluia" on the other to be revealed on Easter Sunday!), 
  • seeds to grow
  • a wonder stone
  • a candle
  • a person
  • sand
  • a cross
  • and a purple cloth so you can create some sacred space at home for all these symbols

A pamphlet with suggested readings, and prayers is also included.

Join us on Ash Wednesday at our service for families (4:30 pm) and take home "Lent in a Bag" to help keep Lent at home this year.

Adult Formation for Lent-Easter

What is the Good Book Club?
The Good Book Club is an invitation to all Episcopalians to join in reading the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts during Lent-Easter 2018.
Episcopalians will start reading Luke on Sunday, February 11 and read a section of Luke's Gospel every day through the season of Lent. The entire season of Easter will be devoted to daily readings from the Book of Acts.
How will it work?
Forward Movement has created a set of daily readings to divide Luke and Acts into 50 days each. Each day, participants will read a few verses of Luke or Acts. Booklets will be available THIS WEEK. We welcome donations to help defray the costs of the book.
Gathering with others to reflect : Paul and Cheryl will offer some opportunities to gather to reflect with others on this experience. Watch the E-news for dates and times as we enter the season of Lent.

women's fellowship
Women's Fellowship to gather TONIGHT - Friday, Feb. 2, 7:00 pm

The All Saints' Women's Fellowship will meet on Friday, February 2, at the home of Fran Hutchinson, 20 Horace Road, Belmont, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Please be in touch with the Parish Office if you need a ride -
Mark your calendar for the February Bristol Lodge Meal - Sunday Feb. 11

Volunteers are needed to help with the preparation of the meal for the Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen next Sunday, February 11, after the 10 am service.

We need a second crew to come at 4:00 pm to help deliver and serve the meal in Waltham.
Ian Hutchinson to speak at a forum on faith and science, Feb. 17:
Belligerents or Brothers? Faith and Science Examined

Science and religion are locked in eternal conflict - or so we are told. Prof. Ian Hutchinson, professor of nuclear science and engineering at MIT disagrees. In a pair of lectures, Prof. Hutchinson will draw on his own experience as a research scientist and from the history of the relationship between science and religion to demonstrate that, far form being opposed to each other, the knowledge we gain from science and faith may complement and benefit one another. Prof. Hutchinson's second lecture will explore a case study in cooperation between science and theology from his own work addressing the challenges of sustainable energy.

This event will take place from 10 am - 3 pm at the MIT Tang Center in Cambridge, MA. The event is free and open to the public. Lunch will be provided between talks.

Capacity is limited.
Winter Weather Cancellations

Where can you go to find out if an event or activity has been cancelled due to a winter storm:

  • Check your email. We will send out an e-blast as soon as we make a decision.
  • Check the website. We will update the homepage with information about any cancellations as soon as we make a decision.
  • Call the Church. We will change the message if we decide to cancel something to help get the word out.
  • We also post cancellations with WBZ. These appear on their website, and get listed on the TV and radio. 
Note: Even if we decide to forge ahead, we know you might not want to come out in the weather. If you are scheduled to read, teach, usher, count, etc., just send us a quick note to let us know that you are unable to get out.
All Saints' Window

Sunday, February 4
The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany

8:00 am      Holy Eucharist
9:15 am      Choir Rehearses
10:00 am    Holy Eucharist
                  Godly Play & Child care
11:30 am    Annual Meeting of the Parish

Wednesday, February 7
7:30 pm - Officers Meet 

Sunday, February 11
After the 10: Bristol Lodge Meal Preparation

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