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Friday, June 2, 2017

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The Seventh Sunday of Easter

8:00 AM
Holy Eucharist

9:15 AM
Choir Rehearsal

10:00 AM
Holy Eucharist
Godly Play 

11:30 AM
Coffee Hour
Conversation w/

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Summer Schedule
Begins June 18
The Feast of Pentecost
~ the gift of the Holy Spirit to each of us individually and to our community.

E xpectations. We all have them. It's not a question of whether we have expectations, but what kinds of expectations we have ... especially when they are about God and what God is doing.

Contemporary readings of the Pentecost event in Acts 2 often bring with them expectations regarding the Spirit that are influenced by other scriptural texts. We see in other places where the role of the Spirit is described as one who comes to offer guidance and instruction. The apostle Paul writes about the importance of living according to the Spirit. 

But in Acts 2, the focus is not so much on the Spirit's work within the individual but on the Spirit's enablement of the faithful people of God to go out into all the world and make disciples...and to live as God's servants on behalf of others.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate this gift, and look forward together with great expectations about with the Spirit will do in our lives both individually and as a community in the future. 
Memorial Day Parade in Belmont takes place despite the drizzle and cold temperatures!
The Memorial Day Parade in Belmont is always a wonderful community event and All Saints' was honored to be invited back to participate with our own "float." 

Many thanks go out to those who helped prepare the float, and those who came on the day of the parade to participate, especially the Minor Family, Elizabeth and John Smith-Hamilton, Harriet Wong, and Katherine Wong.

Join us this Sunday, June 4 as we begin to
develop a Strategic Plan for 
Improving our Space

Every year the Vestry makes important decisions regarding the upkeep of our physical space. In the past few years we did some significant maintenance on the stained glass windows, repaired the slate roof over the church, and renovated the Montessori School wing of the building. We know there is always more to be done, but would like to tackle things in a strategic way.

On Sunday, June 4, we have invited architect Colin Smith to join us after our 10 am service to facilitate a conversation about our hopes, dreams, and needs regarding the entire building. Some of the ideas people have mentioned include:
  • Improving the lighting in the church.
  • Improving the sound system.
  • Improving handicapped accessibility throughout the property.
What else do you dream of when you are in the space? 

Note: If you cannot be here on June 4 you can still participate! Send your thoughts via email to and we will bring them up at the meeting on June 4.

The   16th   Annual
Brendan's Home Run 5k

All are invited to join All Saints' at Brendan's Home-Run 5K Walk/Run on Father's Day. The Brendan Grant Foundation was created to honor the memory of Brendan Grant who died tragically while playing baseball at Belmont High School.  

The foundation has been dedicated to enhancing youth development and has been instrumental in the support of key initiatives that perpetuate the best core values of healthy parent-child relationships.  Each Father's Day, the Brendan's Home Run 5k draws hundreds of people from Belmont and beyond to celebrate these values.
Since this happens right in our "backyard" we want to be a part of it.
Everyone can participate as there is a run, a walk, and even a youth race (400m) for children ages 6-12.  Pre-register if you intend to walk or run, but also sign-up in the Clark St. Vestibule so we can purchase you a T-shirt.  The entry fee for the walk or run is $25.00 until June 16.  On-site entry Father's Day morning is $30.00.  There is no charge for the 400m youth races.

Here is the schedule for the day:
8:00 am     
Prayer and blessings for our team at All Saints'

8:30 am     
Walk over to the High School track 
(leave your car at All Saints')

9:30 am     
Walkers begin!

10:00 am   
Runners take off!

10:05 am   
Youth Race (ages 6-12)  

Our purpose
is to know Jesus Christ and to make him known.

Our vision is to be a center of Anglicanism within the Episcopal Church.

Our mission is to communicate the universal church's witness to Jesus within the congregation and to the world thereby making disciples of Jesus Christ who personally know Jesus and strive to make him known.