At All Saints' Church we gather to know Jesus Christ and make Him known.

The turning of the seasons...

These weeks between All Saints' Day and the first Sunday in Advent form a kind of mini-season of the Church Year - a Pre-Advent season.  As we near the end and also the beginning of the Church Year, our readings take on a decidedly different tone.  We begin to focus our thoughts on endings - on endings that are also beginnings. 

Even the weather is shifting. We experienced our first real frost this week and of course the darkness that hits earlier in the afternoon now that we've changed the clocks. The children at the school all spoke of this as they were picked up in the afternoon...saying, "Mommy why is it it bedtime?" The earth itself seems to going to sleep.  

But we liturgical Christians are blessed, because we know as we focus in on the end times in Church and all around us things seems to be dying, we are about to turn our attention to the coming light of Christmas...."the dawn of our salvation" as the familiar Christmas hymn, "Silent Night" proclaims. 

Join us this Sunday as we contemplate all of this together, and begin to prepare ourselves in heart and mind to welcome Jesus into our hearts and into our homes.
Paul in uniform
Chaplain Paul Minor and other Veterans march in Belmont's Annual Memorial Day Parade
Belmont Veterans Remember

Veterans from across several generations in Belmont, including our own Co-Rector, Paul Minor, were interviewed for a special project of the Belmont Media Center, the Belmont Veterans Memo rial Committee, and the history students and teachers from Belmont High School.

The result is a beautiful film and tribute to these heroes

The film was premiered last week at the Town Hall in Belmont, and is now available online. Follow this link to view the film.

Volunteers needed to help with Bristol Lodge, THIS Sunday

All Saints' is scheduled to provide the meal for the Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen on THIS Sunday, November 12. Please sign-up if you can help in the Clark Street Vestibule.

Volunteers gather after the 10 am service to prepare the meal, and return later in the afternoon to deliver the meal to the Soup Kitchen in Waltham. 
All are invited to participate in this year's Christmas Pageant!

We hope all the children in the parish will sign-up to be a part of this year's Christmas Pageant. It will take place on Sunday, December 17 at the 10 am service. There will be only two rehearsals - Sunday, November 19 and Sunday, December 10. 

Sign-up sheets are in the Clark Street Vestibule.
Lt. Kristin Daley from the Belmont Police will present on Fraud and Identity theft Sunday, November 19

Lt. Kristin Daley from the Belmont Police will be giving a talk on Fraud and Identity theft ~ how to avoid it and what to do if you become a victim. She has been a Belmont Police officer for 19 years and will be talking about real life scams that the department has seen/investigated.

Join us after the 10 am service on Sunday, November 19.
All Saints' Window

Sund ay, November 12, 2017
The 23rd Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday's Readings Track 2
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist
9:15 AM - Choir Rehearses
10:00 AMHoly Eucharist 
Also at 10Godly Play &  Childcare
11:30 amCoffee Hour, Bristol Lodge


Thursday, Nov. 15
7:30 pm - Vestry

Sunday, November 19
Fraud Protection Presentation
Christmas Pageant Rehearsal

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