April 5, 2017


Dear All Saints Preschool Families, 

Why Easter eggs? I find myself wondering this most years around this time. I love Easter traditions but I also try, as a mom, to help my family redeem holidays from a completely secular tradition. A friend gave me a book this year about the legend of Easter eggs. Eggs, the book explained, are an ancient symbol of new life. Christians adopted this symbol to represent our new life in a resurrected Christ. Eggs are also symbolic of Christ breaking free of death in the tomb, as a small chick breaks free of his egg. Easter eggs can be a reminder that through Christ's death on the cross and resurrection, we too overcome death and have eternal life.
I like that symbolism. I like Easter egg hunts, and I invite you all to join us on Saturday, April 8 as All Saints hosts its first Easter Egg Hunt at 10:00 AM.  It should be a wonderful time of friendship and fellowship.

In Him,

Emily Gaertner
Director, All Saints Preschool 
Preschool and Church

April 8 -  Easter Egg Hunt at All Saints. All ages welcome.
             10:00 AM 
(Please RSVP to for the egg hunt)

April 13 - Maundy Thursday Service

              6:30 PM 

April 14 - Good Friday Service
              6:30 PM 
April 16 - Easter Services
              7:00 - Sunrise Service in the Chapel
              9:00 & 10:45 - Sanctuary
Registration Open

June 26-29
9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Come Sail Away With Us!

The Sidelines
By Jackie Hooks

I watch him every week...suit up and go out...uniform on...helmet and ready to play.  And every week I watch him.  And he mostly does not run on the field.  And his hair isn't soaking wet from sweat at the end of a game.  And he doesn't play much, if at all really.  But he made the team and he is ready.  He never takes his helmet off the whole game...just in case they call his number.  Y'all.  This is my oldest boy.  And this year he is inspiring me.  I ask him after the games what does this mean for him.  And he is a 13 year old boy who is disappointed.  He is a 13 year old boy with 13 year old football dreams.  And it is hard to watch.  But he says, every single time, "I'll work harder in practice." Oh my word.  This year he is inspiring me.  I ask people each week to pray that he will play.  And I know God hears those mama prayers.  And I have to remind myself that if we are praying and God isn't answering the way we's not our prayers that are wrong.  It's not His hearing that is wrong.  And Jesus never just doesn't answer.  He just often answers differently than we think He should. 

My boy told me not to bother coming to his games anymore.  He knew he wouldn't play.  He said it wasn't worth it.  But for me, for a mama, I am sitting on the sideline with you, baby.  I am sitting with my heart on my sleeve waiting as anxiously as you and knowing this is part of a plan to learn determination and humility; to learn that life does not always go the way of our dreams; to learn that suiting up and standing on the sideline teaches this lady more about life than I could ever hope for. And I know God is molding him and molding me and molding his daddy too.  So let me say this to all of us standing on the sidelines with our dreams and prayers in our pockets waiting for Jesus to answer a little differently today...Jesus is still there.  He knows your ache and disappointment...and He hurts with much.  Just like your biggest fan.  And He has a plan that is so much better than that one game.  I promise.  Jesus promises too.  Suit up. Be ready. Your game is coming soon.  Jesus is BIG y'all.  Big enough to let life not happen just as you planned because He knows what plays are ahead.