Episcopal Church of All Saints

The Rev. E. Suzanne Wille, Rector

We Believe...
...that something special happens to us through our worship of God
...in building upon our extraordinary history as a beacon for social concerns
...in welcoming all people without exception

Service Times
Sunday Mass: 10am
Wednesday Mass: 6pm
Holy Days as Announced

Sung Compline: 2nd Thursday of the month @ 9 pm.

1559 N. Central Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 635-2538

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James Allen
Mark Branch
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Paul Denny
Kevin Edmundson
Jack and Gayle Hamlin
Doris Haug
Beth Kerry
Bill Lyons
Gary McGraffic
Bob and Maryann Plowman
Steve Smith
Doris and Don
Laura and Marshall

Syrian refugees
The Abdo Family

Dearly Departed
The Rev. Dr. Thomas McCart

Local Lives Lost to Homicide Violence in 2017

YTD Total 57

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May 2017 Newsletter


Gerald St. Amand
Barbara Geer
Daniel Morgan
Tim Jensen
Rose Lane
Week in Review
May 31 , 2017

Easter Altar       

Dear Friends,

We have a rich few days and weeks ahead . . . 

Today is the Feast of the Visitation, which remembers the visit between the Blessed Virgin Mary and her kinswoman Elizabeth: two women with miraculous pregnancies in an intimate moment together, sharing their joy and, perhaps, their worries. This is the moment we receive part of "The Hail Mary" and all of  The Magnificat, two of the most beautiful pieces of scripture we have.

Tomorrow, we host a great and long-awaited event: Erin Hougland's ordination to the diaconate. Please plan to come tomorrow night to celebrate at 7:00 pm right here at All Saints. This will be the first time Bishop Baskerville-Burrows ordains someone and a confirmation of what we've known all along, that Erin is certainly called to ordained ministry!

Then, on Sunday celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost! After that, the following two Sundays we celebrate Trinity Sunday and then Corpus Christi!

So much to celebrate!

Beloved, you are beautiful, I love you, and God adores you.

Faithfully,  Mother Suzanne+

May 31: The Visitation
      6:00 pm - Low Mass      
Thursday, June 1
     7:00 pm - Erin Hougland Ordination

Saturday, June 3
     7:00 pm - AA     

Sunday, June 4: Pentecost
    10:00 am  - Solemn High Mass 
   11:20 am - Coffee Hour
Monday, June 5
     7:00 pm - AA  

Listen again . . .

  Ascension People - The Rev. E. Suzanne Wille, Rector; preaches on the Seventh Sunday of Easter (May 28, 2017)
Columbarium Availability

We are fortunate at All Saints to have a beautiful columbarium, which is a place to store funeral urns containing cremated remains. We have niches in both the Michael and Mary Chapels. We also have a memorial garden outside with a number of plots available for ashes. 

We have recently sold a number of the niches inside. The niches in the Michael Chapel are full, and there are now only 13 niches left in the Mary Chapel. If you are interested in reserving a niche, please contact Linda Dernier, Parish Administrator, at admin@allsaintsindy.org for more information.
Father Tom McCart
Funeral Information

Father Tom will be buried  from All Saints  on Saturday, June 17.  Mass at 11:00 am.  Reception to follow.

Give rest, O Christ, to your servant with your saints, where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting.
A New Gift Policy for All Saints

The Vestry has adopted a gift policy for All Saints to help ensure that we receive gifts that can be directed and used to the greatest good for All Saints. 

We are so fortunate to be part of a church with generous members, both in gifts given each year and those left to us through people's estates. This new policy will help all of us plan better.

Read the gift policy here !

Drivers needed on Sunday mornings to pick up persons wanting to attend Mass, but who can not get here on their own. We would love to put together a rota of people who might pick up parishioners who live nearby. 

Nothing is more important than ensuring that our members can worship together!

Please consider offering your driving services once a month. 

If interested please contact Mother Suzanne at rector@allsaintsindy.org.

Save the Date:
The parade and festival will be held on Saturday June 10, 2017.

The parade steps off at 10 am. Plan to attend? RSVP to Linda Dernier at admin@allsaintsindy.org by June 6!

Follow all the latest updates and information on the Diocesan Circle of Pride facebook page by clicking
Pride page
The Big, Big, Really Big Sidewalk Yard Sale is happening in the yard at All Saints Church on Saturday, July 15, 2017, for the 11th consecutive year.  

We are once again a part of the Indiana Landmarks Treasure Hunt event taking place throughout the Old Northside neighborhood.

Pat Griffin is organizing the event this year; updates will be provided so you will know when it is time to start bringing yard sale items to the Parish Hall, but please do not start yet!

If questions, contact Pat: patriciasgriffin@hotmail.com or (317)638-1320. Thanks for your interest in donating and helping out at this event, which is held to raise money for a charitable cause.
Damien Center

JUNE Needs - Paper Products:
4 roll packages toilet tissue, 1 box Kleenex, 2 rolls of paper towels, 1 package of paper plates, 1 package of napkins, plastic knives, forks and spoons

Other items are always needed and donations are not limited to these. 
Those serving on or near the Altar 
on June 4, 2017 
Day of Pentecost

Presider:             The Rev. Tom Honderich           
Preacher:             The Rev. E. Suzanne Wille, Rector
Deacon:               The Rev. Brantley Alexander

Organist/Choirmaster: Janette Fishell, D.Mus

         The Choir of the Episcopal Church of All Saints

Acolytes:  Helene Russell    
                Josh Siege
                Carl Willingham
                Troy Long
                Catherine Kostyn
L ector:                 Tom Mason                
Prayer Ministry: Amy Hemphill
Lay Eucharistic Visitor: 

Greeters:   Megan Shipley, Gary Willey
Altar Guild:  Amy Clark, Mary Roberts
Social Media:   Stephanie Harris
Flower Guild:  Coby Palmer
Counter:   Jack Linson 
Coffee Hour: St. Amand/Geer

How to . . . update the prayer list.

If you would like to add a person or intention to the prayer list, please share the information with the office by sending an email to admin@allsaintsindy.org or calling (317) 635-2538.


We clear the prayer list at the end of each month. 


As always, please offer your own prayers aloud during the Prayers of the People during mass when invited to do so.

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