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Mark Your Calendar
  • Aug 6: Panther Round Up (AS) 8am-11am
  • Aug 8: Meet the Teacher (PS)
  • Aug 9: First Day of School (AS)
  • Aug 9: Picture day - FORMAL UNIFORM REQUIRED (AS)
  • Sept 7: Town Hall Meeting 
AS = All School K-12
PS = Primary School K-5
MS = Middle School 6-8
US = Upper School 9-12
Required Fees 


Please take a moment to fill out the attached fees sheet (includes optional and required items) and send your payment for scholar fees as soon as possible to the front desk in the Main Foyer.  Many parents have done so already and we are thankful!  We need to be able to purchase necessary items like student planners and badges that are needed on the first day of school.  Thank you again!


2016-17 FEE SHEET

Parent Donations Needed
Hello Fellow Panther Parents!
Here is an update on our 2016 - 2017 Enrichment Fund Donation Campaign! 
First of all, many families seem to be confused as to whether or not we are still doing Monday t-shirts.  We are NOT doing the t-shirts again this year.  It seemed to have lost traction last year and families lost sight that the t-shirt was a thank you gift for donating.  So we decided to thank the grade that raised the most funds with a fun, celebratory off campus activity.  However, it seems as if not offering the t-shirts as a thank you gift has resulted in lower giving.  The chart below shows the percentage of families in each grade level who have currently contributed to the 2016 - 2017 Enrichment Fund:

We thank those of you who have contributed.  We would like to thank you for this donation and offer an additional incentive for remaining families to donate.  The Enrichment Committee has gained permission from directors to allow all students, K-12, who have donated or whose parents are donating on their behalf, to be EXEMPT from wearing their formal shirts, ties, and/or blazers on Mondays for the 16-17 school year.  As long as these students are wearing their special IDs (to be provided by the school) identifying them as " FORMAL FREE," they will be able to wear any UNHP polo on Mondays in lieu of the formal Monday attire. 
For families who have already donated, again, THANK YOU; no additional action is required on your part.  The VIP will provide a list of your names to the UNHP Administration and your children will receive their special IDs for FORMAL FREE MONDAYS  the first week of school.  If you have not yet donated to the Enrichment Fund, you have through SUNDAY, AUGUST 7 to donate and receive an ID for FORMAL FREE MONDAYS in August and September .  We will have volunteers on site on Saturday, August 6 at the Panther Roundup from 8 am to 11 am if you would like to give in person, or you can give online by CLICKING HERE Any donations after August 7 will delay getting your FORMAL FREE MONDAY badge .  The next round of exemption ID's will not be printed until the end of September. 
Students, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER ARE HOT!!!  If you don't want to have to sweat it out in your button down shirt, tell your parents to DONATE TODAY!  Parents, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  As of right now, giving is low and we lack a significant amount of money to support our children's educational experience.  This must change or some wonderful things we have been able to fund in the past years, such as athletics programs and field trips, will have to go away because of lack of money to fund them!  Remember:  installment plans are available! 
Please give your $365 or set up monthly payments for your suggested donation TODAY, UNHP families!!!!  Our school is worth it!  Our students are worth it!!!
Thank you for doing your part!!!
The UNHP Enrichment Committee
Picture Day 
This year picture day will coincide with the first day of school Tuesday, August 9th.  First day of school attire is "Monday" formal uniform.

In Primary, this includes white oxford shirts, jumpers for girls and navy pants for boys. All of Secondary scholars are required to wear tie.  High school scholars are required to wear blazers for picture day.

The plan is for scholars to receive their school id card on the first day of school.  This is part of their uniform.  Scholars are required to keep up with their id's.  If they lose it, the replacement costs are as follows:

$1 for temporary one-day ID
This will be required each day an ID is missing.
$10 for ID replacement
$5 for UNHP lanyard (worn in Secondary only)

Order Pictures Here
using code DO316005Q1.
Once you order online, there is no need to send anything with your student. Your order will be connected to their name & student ID# automatically.

2016 Panther Round-Up

Panther Round-Up

Saturday, August 6th

8:00am - 11:00am

 (please note the corrected end time of 11AM)


For parents that have not participated in Panther Round-Up previously, this is a time for you and your scholar to come to school and take care of any remaining back to school needs. Staff will be available to collect payments for fees (click here), Secondary (6-12) schedules will be available, used uniforms will be for sale and picture day order forms will be available!   

Car Line
Over the next week, we will be communicating information about this year's car line procedures including maps and complete details.  Please help everyone involved have a safe, smooth drop-off and pick-up experience every day by going over those messages in full.  

One challenge we wanted to bring to your attention ahead of time is that due to construction around campus, we will need to be flexible regarding using the Riverside entrance to the "bonus lot".  They are working with us as best they can.  However, we are keeping an eye on the construction and if it is deemed unsafe or unusable for car line at certain times, we will require the use of the Royal Lane entrance only.  

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience!

New Middle & Upper Student?
Attention all New-to-North-Hills families!  
We will have  a special session for MS (6th-8th) and US (9th-12th) families who are NEW to UNHP  at the Panther Roundup on Saturday, August 6.  Student Ambassadors will be on hand to show students around the building and administrators will answer questions about the first days of school.  The MS Session begins at 9:00 am in the East Commons, directly followed by the US session at 10:00 am.  We look forward to seeing you there!
Irving Gymnastics is returning to North Hills!

      Families today are busy and for many working parents it is hard to find the time to bring children to an extra activity in the evenings or on weekends. Irving gymnastics conveniently delivers quality gymnastics classes every week to the students of North Hills. Each week children will learn new skills in a fun and exciting 55 minute classes.

Campus Security Measures
      Our number one goal on campus is to provide as secure of a space as possible for our scholars, parents and staff.  In an effort to continue improvement of campus safety, we are enforcing the following policies across the entire school during open campus hours.  Please note there are no exceptions to these policies.  Since we know many of our families have been here for years, please always assume the staff member that is granting you access does not know you and needs to verify who you are.  Even if we know you, we have to verify your identity the same way every visit.  
  1.      ALL visitors must provide proper identification (valid/current driver's license or State issued ID), sign in and have an approved badge (Visitor or Volunteer) if access is needed past the front foyer.  This includes parents/guardians with meetings in the front office.  All other forms of ID are not acceptable for visitors entering campus.  Any previous badges are no longer valid.  If visitors need to speak with a teacher, counselor or administrator, please schedule an appointment in advance with that contact via e-mail.  Please call the school if you need clarification or more details.
  2.    ANY parent or guardian picking up a scholar early must provide proper identification
    (valid/current driver's license or State issued ID) and be on the scholar's approved release list
  3.    ANY person that volunteers or chaperones for any reason must have a cleared background check well in advance.  Background checks can take 2-3 weeks to process as this is not conducted on a campus level.  Most volunteers have provided information during online re-enrollment but please check a few weeks ahead of your event date if you're unsure.  Please also check with the appropriate event/trip contact to be sure you have officially signed up for that opportunity.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation with keeping our campus as secure as we can!
Free and Reduced Lunch Applications
    Uplift Education Child Nutrition Program is proud to announce that we are partnering with RocketScan to provide the Free and Reduced-priced Lunch application service to parents.  Beginning Jul 13, 2016, parents will be able to access the Free and Reduced lunch application for the 2016-2017 school year using their computer and/or devices. To get to the application  click here or copy and paste the following web address 
to your browser.  
    Please remember a lunch application must be submitted for each new school year.  There's a 10 working day processing period from the time the application has been received.  During that time please provide your scholar with lunch or lunch money to eat at school.  Any balances accrued before the benefits have been awarded will be the responsibility of the parents. 

Please contact the Child Nutrition Program at 469-398-0147 for more information.

 Summer Reading K-12
Using the link provided for Primary, choose your scholar's 
16-17 school year grade, on the left hand side you will the Summer Reading tab, click on the tab for the appropriate summer reading assignment.  

2016-2017 School Year Calendar


2016 - 2017 School Year Calendar


Important Dates for 2016-2017


Important dates as of 6.24.16 


Please note this document is subject to change and a final draft will soon be available online as well as communicated by email. 


***Volunteer Still Needed***

      One thing we take great pride in at North Hills is our Panther parent volunteers. This year we are requesting one shining stars to head up the Shared Ride program. New, or veteran parent, it is a great way to get involved and meet other North Hills parents. Reply to this email if you would like to be our Shared Ride parent volunteer!


School Uniforms

Have questions regarding the Dress Code and school uniforms? 

Please see the attached document.

Please see the attached document.

For online orders or Parker Uniform locations click here .
Used Uniform Sale


Thank you so much, parents, for your continuous support during the last uniform resale. Over the summer, you may still drop off uniforms at the main office, and our next official sale will be at the Panther Round-Up on Saturday, August 6th. If you have any further questions regarding the uniform resale, please feel free contact: volunteers welcome. 

Winnie Cheng:

K-8 School supplies

K-8 school Supply Lists

Primary School Supply List : On-line ordering is no longer available. Please use the link provided, choose your scholar's 16-17 school year grade; all the items on the list must be purchased. Please bring all these items to Meet the Teacher on Monday, August 8 th ; we do not want students carrying these heavy supplies in on the 1 st day of school.  

Attention NHP 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders

Did you take a dual credit course during the summer?
If you did, it is your responsibility to get your transcript from that school and turn it into the Registrar's Office. The school you attended during the summer will not automatically send your transcript to NHP.
Transcripts / Records Request Process
To get a transcript, or other records, from NHP:

1) Go to Registrar's office in the Main Office
2) Fill out a "Transcript Request Form", which are located on the wall outside the Registrar's office (this form requires a parent signature), and return form to the Registrar's office.
3) Records and Transcripts are not a "While you wait" service. You must allow 3 days for fulfillment. 
Emails from NHP

     Throughout the school year our Newsletter is sent by email each Friday. This newsletter contains information pertaining to all of North Hillls, K-12. This allows you to know what is coming up for all NHP students (picture day, holidays, uniform sales, fundraisers), and also get you all the information in one place.

     In years past we have sent out communications like our Newsletter through Constant Contact. We will be transitioning away from Constant Contact this year while steadily providing our parents with the same communication we are known for. As we familiarize ourselves with Parent link, we hope you will join us in learning together.
Office Hours


UNHP Main Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm


 If you would like to set up an appointment with a specific person, please contact them directly via e-mail to schedule.