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November 30, 2017
Sunday Service Time: 10:30am

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Tamsin Cowdery

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Administration office hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm. The office will be closed on Friday this week (12/1). 
Minister's office hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 10am-3pm and evenings and weekends by appointment.
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service service this week 
12/3 ~  seasons of life  
In our annual SAGES service, Rev. Rost wll explore the meaning of our years and how we can embrace with grace and gratitude all the years of our lives. There will also be a SAGE-ing ceremony to recognize those who have turned 65 in 2017 and those older and the gifts they bring us.  
Click here to see upcoming service themes. 
asnewsall souls news
Over the past 9 months, three Changes Team committees have been hard at work.
The Social Justice Action Team (SJAT) has done a fabulous job of guiding All Souls toward more activism, with the primary goal this year of providing sanctuary to Elmer Pena. This team has been so successful that we are moving it out of the Changes Team realm to become a standard church team. For more information, contact Tamsin Cowdery or Isabel Soto-Luna.
The Administrative Capacity Team (ACT) has been examining how we function as an organization, looking at teams, staff, policies, procedures and more. We are nearing the point of hiring a staff member to take over this role. Funds were approved by the congregation at the 2016 Annual Meeting. For more information, contact Angela Sullivan
The Facilities Team has done research and more research, gathering information on how best to provide space for All Souls. We've looked at staying in our current building and renovating/expanding to meet our future needs and become ADA-compliant. We've looked at selling our building and buying another. We've looked at buying land and building a new church. And we've looked at renting space nearby to accommodate our growing needs. In 2018, we'll begin the process of informing members of our options, with the goal of voting on our best option at the 2018 Annual Meeting! For more information, contact Larry Norfleet.
Two new committees will be formed in 2018, for marketing/outreach and to plan a capital campaign. If you have interest in either of these committees, or if you'd like more information on anything regarding Changes Team, contact Dorrie Stewart.  
hear ye, hear ye!
The next Congregational Work Day is 9am-12pm on Saturday, 12/16. Please come lend a hand for an hour or two as we spruce up the church for the holiday season. Assistance is needed on a variety of indoor tasks, including minor table repairs and conditioning our wood furniture and fixtures. All levels of skill are welcome. Please contact Kate Harrison for more information.
sandy hook vigil
This year marks the 5th anniversary of the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting. In remembrance, ASUUC along with MOMS Demand Action will be hosting a Vigil at 5pm on Sunday, 12/10. As part of this, a man will be surrendering his gun and it will be made into a garden implement during the service. It will then be presented to a survivor of gun violence. The actual blacksmithing will be done in the parking lot and shown via live-stream in the church. Thanks to Mike Martin and his fabulous organization, RAWTools, for coming up with such a symbolic idea. Please joining us in remembering not only the ones from Sandy Hook but all victims and survivors of the devastating and senseless mass shootings that plague this country.  
kilts optional
A special, one-time only chance to learn some Celtic dancing from a Scottish dancing master, Dr. John Crumlin, will be offered 2-5pm on Saturday, 12/9, in the Small Hall at church. The event is free and everyone is welcome. Wear low-heeled, soft-soled shoes. These will be dances that can be done the following week at the Winter Solstice Party (5:30-9:30pm on Saturday, 12/16). 
sanctuary news   
The Winter, 2017 edition of UU World magazine has an article about UU congregations which are offering sanctuary in cities within the US. All Souls is mentioned in the article. You can find the article on page 54 of the paper edition or you can read it online here.
Quilters who still have quilt squares they have not turned in to Judie McMath, the deadline to submit those for inclusion in the quilt is 1/1/18.  
support group forming
A group is looking to form an anonymous support group for women who have experienced sexual harassment at work, school, or anywhere. This will be a safe circle for Speaking Our Truth (support, not therapy). Call 719-244-6180 and leave a message and contact information. The organizers will be in touch when they have 4-6 women and a private place to gather. Remember: you are not alone. 
help, please! 
Jack Phairchyld writes, "I'm working with my kids on learning about their community and being actively helpful and kind in their community, and I was wondering if anyone here would mind helping? I'm looking for people willing to receive handmade cards (and maybe even write back) or someone who could use a visit or wouldn't mind getting baked goods or needs light help (my kids are young). We live downtown and it would be a bonus if you lived nearby!"
You can send ideas and suggestions to Jack here
kitchen towels
The kitchen towels have all disappeared from the drawers in the kitchen. If you happen to have some old kitchen towels that you would be willing to donate to ASUUC, please bring them in ASAP. Please use a Sharpie and write ASUUC at the bottom so hopefully they won't disappear. Perhaps someone took the old home for washing and will remember to return, but so far, they haven't returned. 
affinity groups
Our affinity groups are open to all! There is no enrollment period and no fee required. Friends are welcome! These groups share a common interest and provide opportunities to connect and deepen our fellowship outside of Sunday Service. Perhaps one is for you? For more information, please click here
REreligious exploration

please sign up now!  
We are still seeking help to finish off our first semester in RE. Are any of these available slots of interest to you? 
- Want to go ice skating? Then sign up for December for January 7th.  
- Want to be a part of Being UU and learning our 7 principles? Then sign up for January 14th or January 21st.
- Want to play a game? Then sign up for January 28th. 
Sign up using our Sign-Up Genius   or email Laurie.
re registration
If you think All Souls is a fit for you and your children, please register your kids! Look for the light blue registration form at the RE Table. By doing so we get a chance to better know you and your children, be made aware of any concerns or allergies and it helps to better plan and keep you updated. There is no charge to register!
children children 
last sunday
This was an intergenerational service on giving thanks and showing gratitude. I am thankful for you all!
This week in Being UU we will examine our 3rd Principle - acceptance of one another and
encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregation. Our Air Element class will explore acceptance and our Fire Element class will take a look at self-expression. 
This will be a Contemplate This! Day as we take the opportunity to practice centering and being fully present. These are lifelong skills that can benefit all ages. Be sure to have your kids dress comfortably.

The theme for December will be Giving of Ourselves. How can we be helpers to our friends, family, and community?
yruu youth group 
Youth Group resumes after our intergenerational service last Sunday. We will be taking a walking field trip to Colorado College to walk the labyrinth so dress accordingly.  
trippers update 
The next 9th Grade Trip meeting is 12/3 at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden.  
activism local activism & awareness

Editors' note: Occasionally, changes are made to these events after publication. Please click on the links provided if you are interested in attending something, to make sure the details have not
changed. Thank you!

12/5, 5:15-7:30pm, at Colorado Springs City Hall. Clean Air Celebration Rally. Join 350 Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Sierra Club, and the Green Party of the Pikes Peak Region for a clean air celebration rally before the Martin Drake town hall in support of the Utilities Board voting to close down Martin Drake before 2035. This vote should take place some time in January, but the city is seeking public opinion now! Join us for the rally, followed by the town hall at 6pm! We encourage everyone to speak at this town hall and let our city officials know we will not tolerate Martin Drake in our community. Its time to close it down and switch to renewable energy!! 
12/11, 6-7:30pm, at PPLD East Library, "Know your Rights." Hosted by the Colorado District U.S. Attorney's Office, and the Offices of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Learn about federal civil rights laws including those covering discrimination and harassment in education, health care, and housing. Meet with agency representatives and gain a better understanding of your legal rights and the complaint and investigation process. Further information will be published as it is made available.
***new event***
12/12, 12-1pm, at City Hall, "Rally Across Colorado for Health Care." Universal Health Coverage Day on 12/12 has become the annual rallying point for the growing movement for health for all. It marks the anniversary of the United Nations' historic and unanimous endorsement of universal health coverage in 2012. Celebrate this day with Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care, here in Colorado Springs outside City Hall - dress warm. There will be signs (but feel free to be creative with your own) and Speakers on where we have been in Colorado and what the future might hold. 
communitycommunity news
Editors' note: Occasionally, changes are made to events after publication. Please click on the links provided if you are interested in attending something, to make sure the details have not changed. Thank you!
cocoa with a cop
As part of the "Coffee with a Cop" series, El Paso County Sheriff's Office and Colorado Springs Police Department invite you to their Holiday edition "Cocoa with a Cop". Join Sheriff Bill Elder and Chief Pete Carey for a warm cup of cocoa and a conversation! There will be an opportunity to get your Holiday picture taken with Santa and Elf, so bring your children and have a great time with your local law enforcement! 10am-12pm on Saturday, 12/19, at Kneaders Bakery & Café.
joysjoys & concerns 

This week marks the third anniversary of my adoption of our son, William. These have been three of the best years of my life. Who knew one act could bring a lifetime of joy? -- Shawn Yasutake
We were honored to have hosted three soldiers from Ft. Carson in our home for Thanksgiving. They were incredibly young and reminded us to be grateful for the sacrifices of our military members and their families. -- Isabel and Shawn
Grateful for: since the last time I have been here I have a new granddaughter. Her name is Ivory Helen Child and she lives in NW Montana with my daughter, Mandy, and son-in-law, Nate. -- Tim Cafferty
Grateful for those who spent Thanksgiving with Elmer and his family at All Souls, and celebrated David's birthday - complete with pinata!! Grateful for those who helped get the basement restored and Elmer and David moved into a more private room and verrrrry grateful to have my office back! -- Nori

Thanks to the stalwart members of the Building and Grounds Team (Gary Harrison, Michael Brabec, and Jim Michali) for moving lateral file cabinets from the basement to the upstairs hallway closet. Thank you, Becky Harrison, for transferring all the files from the old cabinet to the new. I am so grateful to know and work with these dedicated folk. They never waiver in their commitment to All Souls and deserve our acknowledgement of their ever-ongoing-behind-the-scenes work...and our deepest gratitude. -- Kat Lane 

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all souls board of trustees

Larry Norfleet, President,
Charles Peterson, Vice President
Gary Harrison, Treasurer
Judie McMath, Secretary
Kate Harrison, Member-at-Large
Bruce Leeson, Member-at-Large 
Jan Otto, Member-at-Large
Terry Schultz, Member-at-Large
Rick Schwarz, Past President
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