The Minneapolis Tree Lottery ended on March 20th, and status emails were sent out on the 22nd. If you registered for the lottery, be sure to check your email as soon as possible. Those who were selected to get a tree will have until March 31st to order their tree, or their opportunity will be given to someone else! 

Since 2006, the City of Minneapolis has subsidized the sale of over 10,000 trees to Minneapolis property owners through the City Trees Program. Tree Trust is always grateful to be part of this process. We love to see how many of you are excited about trees! 

To the right is the map of every address that was submitted to our lottery this year. For an even more impressive visual of this program's impact, check out the City Trees Program page to watch a time-lapse of trees distributed over the years. 
North Minneapolis Free Trees
If you are a property owner in North Minneapolis, there is one more way for you to get a tree from Tree Trust! Apply for a free tree today. After you attend a tree-care training, Tree Trust volunteers will plant your tree on your property at no cost to you! 

The North Minneapolis Free Trees program was launched in 2011 to plant new trees in the area devastated by a tornado. The initial funding came from the Tree Trust Rob MacIntyre Fund, which honored a great friend of Tree Trust who lost his life during clean-up following the tornado. Over the years, the program expanded to other areas of North, and funding was provided by an anonymous family foundation, and then Covanta HERC. 

Recently, a collaboration of small businesses from Minneapolis who wish to give back to the community have come forward to fund the program this year. Thanks to all of these partners that will make this program possible in 2017!
Earth Month and Arbor Month

Not sure what volunteering at a tree planting will be like? We'll leave it to one of our youngest volunteers to give you an idea! 
You probably know that Earth Day is April 22nd every year. And maybe you know that in Minnesota, the DNR celebrates Arbor day on the last Friday in April (April 29th this year). But did you know that the entire month of April is Earth Month, and the entire month of May is Arbor Month

If you're looking for ways to celebrate the planet this spring, check out Tree Trust's volunteer opportunities. We have plantings or tree distributions during both Earth month and Arbor month, and we'd love to see you, your family, and your neighbors there! 

 4/22 |  Shakopee Community Tree Planting
 4/29 |  Branch Manager Training
 4/29 |  St. Paul Community Tree Planting
 5/6   |  St. Louis Park Arbor Day Planting
 5/6   | Arbor Day Planting on the Greenway
 5/13 | Prior Lake Planting

5/6 and 5/8 |  St. Louis Park Tree Distribution
5/20 - 5/22   | Minneapolis Tree Distribution
Work at Tree Trust
Come join our team! When positions are open, Tree Trust seeks to hire qualified staff and participants. Positions exist in a variety of different capacities and include full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions. 

To learn more about Tree Trust's programs and services please visit our website. While you're at it, connect with us on social media- we love hearing from you!

When you donate to Tree Trust, you positively impact environmental health and the lives of thousands of people in your own community. It is through the essential support of our donors and volunteers that Tree Trust has been able to transform lives and landscapes for more than 40 years.