Our barn cat adoption program is for cats that would not be happy confined to living in a home. These cats are not well socialized to humans and do best as independent indoor/outdoor cats.

Like any cat, barn cats require:
  • healthy regular diet
  • fresh water
  • veterinary care when needed
  • protection from the elements and predators
  • slow introduction to a new living environment

Our barn cats have been spayed/neutered, are up-to-date on vaccines and have tested negative for feline leukemia.

If you are interested in adopting a barn cat, please give us a call or stop by. Our adoption counselors will work with potential adopters to make sure they understand the extra special needs of barn cats.

Visit our website to see which barn cats are currently available for adoption!
A big thank you to the adopters who shared their barn cat success stories with us! 
"I adopted Sally and Marley from your barn cat program. Sally has become not only a lovable and sweet, but our new greeter at the barn, going from being scared to death to the one that's waiting for belly rubs! Don't get me wrong it didn't happen over night, and not without a few scratches and bites, but the outcome is the best it could ever be! Marley is our project in the making, which we can now touch but on his terms only. He will come around I'm sure but I just needed to say thank you for sharing these two wonderful cats with us. Any animal deserves this chance!! Thank you for all you do!!"

"I have a heated garage and store vehicles during the winter and the mice have wrecked havoc! I don't like chemicals and traps weren't working... So I figured I'd get a predator! The mice have also gotten into our basement! I have an indoor only kitty and he's caught two mice in the house... But he plays with them and lets them go. He's just a baby and I don't think he'd kill them even if he knew how! I also wanted to adopt a kitty that didn't have as likely a chance of adoption as regular kitties.
Dallas is very happy to be adopted. I'm so glad I came in and adopted her yesterday! She's quite attached to me already and even climbed in my lap... I'm so happy with how she's opening up and allowing interaction... When I met her she picked me but also growled and bit me. But since she picked me, I had to take her home. She even allowed me to brush her before swatting at me!"

It was Black Friday, November 2014. I had never had a barn cat before. 
We sometimes had mice in the walls of our old house -- you'd hear tiny feet scurrying across the ceiling on a quiet winter evening -- but we could always set a snap trap if we thought they were getting too numerous. I'm pretty scrupulous about keeping the sheep grain in covered bins. Didn't really need a barn cat..."

The rest of this awesome story continues on our website!

Rocky on his adoption day
One year ago, Rocky was the first AWS dog adopted through Canine Community Corps (CCC). Rocky has become CCC's first dog to reach the level of Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Rocky and his veteran are a perfect pair.

Canine Community Corps is a non-profit based in Southern Maine. Their mission is to promote rescue, dignity, and service among military veterans, prison inmates, and shelter dogs. Through prison programs and weekly classes, CCC trains rescue dogs as emotional support or therapy dogs. The dog, in turn, help wounded veterans regain their independence and assist other veterans in need. 
Rick at a training class

Remember Rick, the dog we profiled in our  June e-newsletter  last year? Well, here he is, nine months later and a Canine Good Citizen! He and his veteran are very happy together!  

We are proud to partner with CCC and open our adoption center to veterans in their program!

To view all pets available for adoption, including photos, videos and fun anecdotes, visit our website!
Female, 2 years old, Pit Bull Mix

View our videos on YouTube

Female, 13 years old, Terrier Mix

View our videos on YouTube

Barn cat, Male, 4 years old

Barn cat, Female, 6 1/2 years old

March is Adopt A Rescue Guinea Pig Month!
All of our Guinea Pigs are available for adoption at our satellite partner PetSmart in Biddeford Crossing.

Adoption hours at PetSmart Biddeford
Thurs. & Fri. 2:30 - 4:30 pm 
Sat. & Sun. 12 noon - 4:30 pm
Female, 2 years old,
Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Female, 1 year old, 
Abyssinian Guinea Pig


We are proud to announce an adoption partnership with the new PetSmart at 700 Gallery Boulevard in Scarborough. We will have cats available for adoption in-store through our satellite adoption program!

The grand opening is this Saturday, March 12th. We will be cutting the ribbon at 9 am. 

All are welcomed! Collect PetSmart giveaways (for people and pets), enter prize drawings, tour the new store and visit with AWS staff and adoptable pets!

Do you have items you no longer need?  Even if they are not animal-related, they can benefit AWS!
Longtime volunteer Sue, collects yard sale merchandise year round for the "yard sale to end all yard sales!" 

This fundraiser for AWS is held each May on Hearthstone Drive in Kennebunk.   The 2016 Yard Sale will be held May 14th . Please call Sue directly at 207-98 5-1437 if you would like to contribute.  Please do not bring donations to the shelter. No furniture, clothing or appliances.

In August, Fran and Liz have the most visited table at the Goosefare Antique Show and Sale at Kennebunk High School (August 6th & 7th).  
We are looking for vintage or high quality items such as  glassware, china, pottery, small articles of furniture, framed prints, and other antiques.   We also seek fun/interesting decorative items and one-of-a-kind items of all kinds (such as toys and games from the 1950s, unique collectibles, etc.) .  If you have items that you would like to donate, please call volunteer Liz at 207-967-4962.  Volunteers are happy to pick up your items.
These fundraisers are successful because of community members like you! All items are donated, so 100% of sales go directly to help the shelter animals. THANK YOU!


Mailing Address: PO Box 43, West Kennebunk, ME 04094
Physical Address: 46 Holland Road, Kennebunk

Open for adoptions and visits
Monday & Tuesday:  11 - 4:30
   Thursday & Friday:  11 - 4:30
   Saturday & Sunday:  11 - 4:30
   Closed Wednesdays