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These amazing oriental poppies are so short lived, especially when they are battered by wind and rain as they have been this week, so I had to share them with you while they last! I just love their glorious colour and those serrated petal edges don't you?

The weeds grow faster than I can pull them, but I've been making a valiant effort to tame the garden. Rain brings a welcome break to get into the studio. At the end of a painting session Amelie and I have been adding to the sofa makeover project. 

The plan is to keep going until the whole thing is covered with colour, pattern and mottos.  You can  follow along with how it's shaping up with the updates on my Instagram page. 
I have been asked how it'll wear with use, and to be quite honest I have no idea! We're painting it with acrylic paints and permanent pens. I'm guessing the paint might crack a bit, and wear off over time, but I'm taking the view that it's an evolutionary piece and if an area becomes patchy, we'll just add another layer of paint!
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Traced Acrylic Skins

Whether you love painting or working in a sketchbook, these traced acrylic skins have such potential as a way to add motifs or pattern to your work. I'll show you how to make the tracing, create the skin, and apply it to a piece of work. The good news is, because they are traced, no drawing ability is required!
The video workshop is for members only but if you haven't signed up already we'd love to have you join us now. Just choose 'Membership Videos' from the menu and you'll see 30+ titles in the current playlist. We hope there's something to tempt you there!
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The Portrait Shuffle
It's been a while since we updated you on The Portrait Shuffle. Well, we're getting to the exciting part as your portraits start to arrive. It's like Christmas every day!

If you're new to our newsletter and are wondering what I'm talking about, please visit the Portrait Shuffle blog to find out all about the project, or click here to download our leaflet. 

I can't say how much we would LOVE for you to take part. If you've not already sent for your pack there is still time. Your portrait can be created in any technique - painting, collage, print, applique, quilting, you name it. 

Over on the Portrait Shuffle blog today you'll see we've shared a few tips to help you get started and you can also see a selection of the portraits that have already arrived.

So, if you've been thinking about it, now's the time to take the plunge and join us. We can't thank you enough for helping to make this project a huge display of creatvity and of course, raise as much as possible for Save The Children.

Come on DMTV viewers worldwide, we know you will do us proud!

Pottery Painting

Pottery painting? Yes, you did read that right! If you love design, colour, texture and line, why not apply that to another surface? We had a great day out celebrating G'ma's 89th birthday by painting a few pots, (and jugs, plates and a butterfly!). Hey, what better time to learn a new skill than when you're 89! Luckily Amelie had been before so we had an expert in our midst to tell us exactly what to do...

Seriously though, its such a fun challenge to apply what you know from, say working in a sketchbook, to a 3D form like a jug or a bowl. We had such fun sponging, stamping and sgraffitoing I'm sure we'll be back. For now though, we have to be patient and wait for them to be glazed and fired.

You can see more of Linda's pots over on her blog along with a first look at her new sketchbook. Do head over to check them out... www.lindakemshall.blogspot.com
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