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Do you remember we went for a pottery painting outing recently? Well the pieces have been glazed and fired and I just love how they've turned out. As you might have seen on Instagram, Amelie's little lantern has been put to good use on our patio table these summer nights.

I decorated a plate and a bowl to add to my steadily growing set of blue and white bits with spots and stripes. 

I think the simple geometric patterns have quite a quilt-like feel don't you? I had better make some stitched placemats to match!

There are more photos of my pottery over on the blog...
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Concertina Sketchbook: Getting Started

During the summer we always love finding inspiration for our work by getting out and about either in our own gardens or beyond. In this week's video workshop Linda demonstrates how choosing the right sketchbook format can get you off to a flying start with your next project. She'll show you the first steps for working into a concertina book using mixed media and watercolour to get the pages ready for drawings and more painting next time.
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Coming soon on DesignMatters TV

You know how on DMTV we always say to save your scraps, be it fabric or paper? Well lately we've shown you some ways to bust through your stash of fabric scraps, but what about those bits of paper? If like me, you have a drawer or a cardboard box crammed with old photos, bits of painted paper, photocopies and all sorts of precious, they'll-come-in-one-day bits 'n bobs, then you'll be happy to know that we have some project ideas coming up very soon to help use them up!

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be showing you how you can use paper scraps in collaged panels, and also as a basis for art journalling pages in your sketchbook.
From Linda's studio

It's always satisfying to finish up projects and put them to use.  Linda's completed the hand quilting on this Rail Fence cushion. DMTV viewers will recognise it from last week's video. It looks great don't you think?

Also over on Linda's blog you can see how her pottery painting turned out.

Head over now to take a look, and see more photos of the cushion...

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