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Well the weeks fly by and all of a sudden summer is in full swing. Since we last wrote we've had the pleasure of welcoming students to the Wooden House Studio for a fab monoprinting workshop. Discover more about that class, and the next one, further down the newsletter. This week has been school half-term so Amelie's been on hand to help with everything I do. Followers of my Instagram account might remember she and I painted a shabby sofa white quite a while ago. It looked great, but it was never intended to stay plain - yesterday we started our mission to decorate it!

We're planning to do more painting every time we're in the studio so do follow along with how it's shaping up. 
Sharing the love!
There is nothing we like more than putting an idea out there to our DMTV viewers and seeing where they run with it! My Motto Cushions video workshop was always a popular one and we've seen some beautiful cushions made as a result. 
I was thrilled to hear that one of our subscribers, Linda, had made this lovely example dedicated to our Queen, and not only had she made it, but seeing as she was going to Buckingham Palace for a garden party to honour the military, (her daughter serves in the Armed forces), she is taking it as a gift. How wonderful is that?!
And while we're on the subject, look at this delightful example below by Madeline with the most excellent motto "Create something special every day".
If you're inspired to make your own version of the Motto cushions, you'll find the video workshop in our free section of DMTV, and there's even a pattern sheet to print so you'll be started in no time. 
New video workshop on DesignMatters TV
Inspired by...Boro - The Bag

You'll remember a few weeks ago Linda began working on a project inspired by the tradition of Boro. Well this week on DMTV see how she's completed the needlefelting and stitching and made a beautiful bag. Don't you just love it! Linda will guide you through the construction of this useful tote style bag. 
The video is for members only but if you haven't signed up already we'd love to have you join us now. Just choose 'Membership Videos' from the menu and you'll see 30+ titles in the current playlist. We hope there's something to tempt you there!
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Workshops with Laura
We had a lovely time at the Multicolour Monoprint workshop last week on the hottest day of the year so far. It was great to welcome students to the Wooden House studio who hadn't visited before, and what excellent work they produced. We tackled a range of monoprint methods including this multi-layer landscape print (above).

There are more photos from the day over on my blog so do take a look. The next class is called Drawing without a Pencil (9th June),
 and I would love for you to join me. If you love drawing then I hope you'll love the class, and more importantly, if drawing is your nemesis then I reckon I can help to break the spell! We'll be drawing, but not as you know it. Come and join me for a fun day of rubbings, monoprint, tracing, tricks and cheats - only two places left!
Latest in the Archive Library
Embellished Quilting

In this collection of four videos you'll discover some of the techniques Linda and Laura use to introduce fascinating texture, colour and pattern to their quilts. You'll see how they use basic utility stitches on their sewing machines in innovative and unpredictable ways and how hand worked embroidery stitches can be used to bring exciting, painterly colour effects to an art quilt. Forget free motion machine quilting and simple running stitches for a while - this is an unmissable collection of creative ideas that will increase your repertoire of art quilting techniques!

There are four video workshops and together they cost just £6.00 with instant, unlimited access. Read more and buy online here:

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