Nuclear Newswire September 8, 2017
H-bomb or Not, Experts Say North Korea Near Its Nuclear Goal
Eric Talmadge | Associated Press | Sep 7, 2017

Sunday's test, the sixth and most powerful North Korea has conducted since its first in 2006, was a stunning advance in its demonstrated ability to build high-yield nuclear weapons. 

38 North | September 5, 2017

Albert Wolf HuffPost September 7, 2017

"Reactive proliferation" in Asia is a dire prospect. But it's also highly unlikely. 

Anthony Cordesman| CSIS| September 5, 2017

It is all too natural for Americans to view North Korea's nuclear and missile programs in terms of what seems to be an irrational threat to the United States.  There is, however, a different side to North Korea's actions.

David Wright | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists| August 29, 2017

The codirector of the Global Security Program at the  Union of Concerned Scientists weighs in on earlier analysis of recent North Korean missile launches. "Unfortunately, at this point it is too early to rule out the possibility that the Hwasong-14 could carry a nuclear weapon to large cities on the US mainland."
Marco Fey | Stanley Foundation CourierSummer 2017

While no one argues that a 3-D printer could produce a nuclear weapon, it could be used to accelerate acquisition by proliferators in several ways. 
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