August 2016 Newsletter
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The 189 
th General Court
session has officially ended and your Alliance is happy to let you know that we have had a very successful two years!
In January the Fiscal Year 2017 budget process began with the filing of the Governor's budget. From January through July 31 the FY17 budget has gone through many different iterations. 

The budget that was released from the legislative conference committee in June included $1.1 Million for the YMCA Youth-At-Risk line item, $12.5 Million in the Early Education Rate Reserve line item, $400,000 for the creation of the HomeWorks (an after school program for homeless youth), and $150,000 for the Governors Sexual Abuse Task Force. 

Unfortunately due to shortage in tax collection in May and June the Governor cut the Youth-At-Risk funds to $800,000, cut the Early Education Rate Reserve to $5 Million, and vetoed the HomeWorks program funding entirely.

With tax revenues picking up a bit the legislature overrode the Governor's cuts and vetoes to the YMCA priorities. We are pleased to let you know that the YMCAs will be receiving $1.1 Million in Youth-At-Risk funding, the highest amount we have ever received. Not only that but the legislature reinstated the $12.5 Million for Early Education Rate Reserve, the $400,000 for the HomeWorks program, and the $150,000 to the Governor's Sexual Abuse Task Force of which the Alliance is a member.

There was a provision i n the Economic Development Bill, filed and passed in the House that would have required any nonprofit to pay property taxes for four years on any land or building it purchased  that had been previously been private and taxed. If the law passed t he nonprofit would have to pay 100% of the taxes the first year, 75% the second year, 50% the third year, and 25% the fourth year.

The Alliance worked with other large nonprofit membership organizations to defeat this provision. While the amendment did pass in the House of Representatives the Alliance and other nonprofits were able to defeat the amendment in the Senate and the final Economic Development Bill did not include the language. 

The Alliance will continue to partner with other nonprofits to defeat this and other legislation like it in the future.

Similarly, the Alliance also worked to defeat a provision in the Municipal Government Reform Legislation. The provision required that a nonprofit selling any building or land would give the municipality the right of first refusal to purchase the property. The municipality would have 120 days to decide if it would purchase the property or not. This would have made the purchase and sale of property by Ys very difficult and costly. The Alliance worked with other nonprofit groups to help defeat this language in the legislation. It was removed in the final bill. 

We do expect to see legislation similar to this in the next session, we will continue to monitor and work on this.

An Act Relative to Transgender Anti-Discrimination was signed into law on July 8 th, 2016. What we want Ys to understand is that this bill establishes Transgender as a civil right. This is not an accommodation bill. This law goes into effect October 1, 2016.

The Alliance's Diversity and Inclusion Task Force with YUSA has put together tool kit to help guide our Ys through this important piece of civil rights legislation. The D&I task force will be rolling out training assistance for Ys, stay tuned for updates on this. 

In the meantime AYP Chapter 4 will be featuring this as one their hot topics during their August 26 th networking event. The Alliance's Peter Doliber will be facilitating the conversation, click on the link in the article below to register.

It is an election year for State Representatives, State Senators, and Sheriffs. Please take the time to meet with the candidates running for election in your area. 

As a reminder as a 501(c)3, candidates cannot campaign at your YMCA and a Y cannot endorse a candidate.

Finally, we have had some very successful local advocacy days held at YMCAs. The connection between the Ys and the elected officials has been amazing! (See more on this in the article below if you have not participated yet - there is still time!)

Please send any photos of your local advocacy days to (and please let us know who is in the picture). 

YMCA Local Advocacy Day at your Y
The Alliance Public Policy Committee is pleased to roll out the YMCA Local Advocacy Day at your Y for this summer.  We have put together a toolkit to help you.

An opportunity for your Y Association to invite your local, state, and federal elected officials to your site to see all the great work your Y does on a daily basis. If possible you will then connect your great work back to statewide advocacy.
Summer 2016 is the best time!  This is when most elected officials are on summer recess. We suggest your Y Association pick one day or up to a week in the summer when you invite your local, state, and federal officials to your Y and/or camp. 
We suggest holding your "Advocacy Day" at your Y or at your camp site. If you are hosting different elected officials for different sites try to do one week where you are inviting all your elected officials out to see the different branches they represent.
It is important that we continue to show our Y advocacy and support at the State House in Boston. But it is equally or even more important to show your elected officials the important and life changing work you do every day at your Y. Showing elected officials everything you do will make a much larger impact than telling them. Your Advocacy Day will help you build and strengthen relationships with your elected officials and it will provide a context for the important issues you advocate on! 

In the tool kit you will find: Best Practices, Sample Itineraries, Sample Media Advisory, Sample Press Releases, and a Sample Timeline to follow. We ask that you please let the Alliance know when you will be hosting your Advocacy Day. Took kits have been sent prior but they may also be accessed by clicking here To let the Alliance know and or if you have questions on your tool kit please email Kate-Marie at
National Advocacy

Y-USA government relations and your Alliance are working together with your help for federal legislation and budget asks. These include:

  1. More money for early learning
  2. Youth Employment
  3. Chronic Disease Prevention
Click here to learn more!
National Recognition for your Y
Summer Congressional Recess Photo Contest

Share photos & stories of your Congress members & other public officials engaging in programs at your local Y & you could receive  FREE registration & hotel stay for 2017's National Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C!

Email your photos  to  &  tweet  them using  #YAadvocates   by
September 10th

Your photos will also be shared with the YMCA Advocates Action Network and on Exchange. Please use the  Y-USA photo release form and send them here. B e sure to find the updated  Engaging Public Officials Toolkit  from your Y-Exchange account.

Statewide Training Opportunities
J oin AYP & Imrpov Assylum at the   South Shore YMCA  Hanover, MA 
F riday, October 21st  from  10AM - 11:30AM  to l earn how to use improvisation in order to improve your leadership performance!  Click here  to see the full event description!


Sign-Up for the  Executive Fundraising  course from your Y-Exchange account today to learn how to better develop and operate successful financial development program. For more information about this and other courses or to register for this event,  click here.

Networking Opportunity

Discussion Topics Include: Active Shooter Situations, Public Accomodations, Dept. of Labor Regulations, and Recreational Marijuana

WHEN :  August 26th 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM 

WHERE Old Colony Y Stoughton Branch (455 Central St. Stoughton, MA)

FEE :  $25 AYP Members / $35 AYP Non-Members


$10,000 for Worksite Wellness and Evidenced Based Programs
Up to $10,000 seed funding available for worksite wellness programs 
Working on Wellness!
Join Working on Wellness - a statewide worksite wellness program. Working on Wellness  offers up to $10,000 in seed funding and training to help organizations build a fun and effective wellness program unique to your workplace. Worksite wellness programs can lower healthcare spending and lead to healthier, happier and more productive employees.

Along with your Y, this can also be used by qualifying businesses for worksite wellness to help pay for YUSA Evidenced Based Programming including YUSA DPP and others.
Applications due September 16. 
Talk to your worksite wellness contacts and have them join a webinar on Thursday, August 18th at 11am fo learn more. Webinar registration CLICK HERE
For additional information visit the Working on Wellness website  to:
  • Get information on worksite wellness benefits and what Working on Wellness offers
  • Apply to Working on Wellness by September 16th
Wellness programs have big benefits for businesses; apply to Working on Wellness today!
Working on Wellness is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, developed and managed in partnership with Health Resources in Action and Advancing Wellness. Funding is provided by the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund as established by Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012. 

Director Sparks Conversation Following Local Tragedy

Lynn YMCA Executive Director Audrey Jimenez  speaks with students at Breed Middle School about the importance of  swimming safety  following the tragedy at Walden Pond in the Lynn Woods Reservation where a 13-year old Breed student Jose Angel Capellan Rodriguez drowned. Students pledge to never swim alone, only swim where they can see the bottom, and only when lifeguards are present.

Click here for full story!

Anti Bullying Resources Available

According to, over 70% of youth have witnessed bullying and 49% of youth in grades 4th-12th are bullied. Youth who experience bullying are at greater risk of drug use, poor grades, dropout, depression or even suicide.  Youth experience bullying in extracurricular activities as well as in school. These statistics are worrisome, but there is a new program that aims to end bullying from the start.
The Tyler Clementi Foundation was formed in response to the bullying and humiliation Tyler endured as an 18yr old freshman at Rutgers University just days before his suicide. The Tyler Clementi Foundation spoke with experts, parents, educators and kids and learned the best way to end bullying is through prevention. This led to the birth of the #Day1 Campaign to end bullying.
The #Day1 Campaign is a free, research-based and simple-to-use program that supports and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to bullying behavior and expectations within any community programming. It does so in the following ways:
  • Recognizes a supportive person of leadership such as a teacher, mentor, or coach
  • Provides clear language spoken verbally that addresses specific bullying behavior
  • Offers tools for bystanders to become "upstanders"
  • Ensures there is verbal confirmation that the expectations are understood
The #Day1 intervention is a free, simple and effective tool that uses common sense and research to prevent bullying before it begins. It's used by schools and community groups all over the world.  #Day1 would have a positive impact on YMCA because it helps open the dialogue about bullying. It allows everyone to be on the same page and put the focus where it belongs- building positive relationships that benefit all involved. #Day1 has the power to change the life of someone who is bullied.
For more information, please visit and download our free toolkit which is available for all of age groups and in Spanish.

Alliance Seeking Qualified Interns

We are seeking interns to help us with some projects including healthy living, achievement gap, and advocacy. The positions are unpaid, but make for great opportunities to learn about public policy, advocacy, and serving our Ys. 

These positions are unpaid with flexible hours in our Boston office. It is perfect for undergrads on break, recent graduates, or as capstone projects for undergrads and graduate students. 

Please refer all interested parties to: Thanks!