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July 2015 Newsletter
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Healthy Eating Physical Activity (HEPA) Standards 
Resources to help Ys expand HEPA standards outside of their afterschool and early education programs. 
Y-Mass News
YMCAs Leading Community Health
On June 29, Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Massachusetts hosted a forum entitled "Social Equity and Health: Charting a Course for Action." Highlighting the impact organizations like the YMCAs have on healthcare.  See how Ys' services benefit health!


Healthy Eating Physical Activity Standards Resource HEPA
Are you trying to expand the HEPA standards outside of your afterschool and early education programs? 
Tufts University runs Healthy Kids Out of School Time, which has free resources to help you train your coaches and volunteers on how to choose water over sugary-beverages, snack smart, and move more. 

Drink Right:
Choose water instead of sugar sweetened beverages

Move More: Boost movement and physical activity

Snack Smart: Fuel up on fruits and vegetables
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Camp Visits check


The Alliance team is visiting Y camps all summer long! We will be uploading pictures from our visits to the Alliance's facebook and webpage. If you have any pictures from legislator camp visits, please let us know by contacting us-

Local Happeningsresources


The YMCA of Cape Cod is running a US Department of Agriculture summer meals program providing free meals to youth in need throughout the summer. To read more click here.


The Attleboro YMCA and the City of Attleboro and the Town of Norton will be hosting a new initiative of the Y- Fitness in the Park at both Capron Park's Newell Shelter in Attleboro and at the Everett Leonard Park in Norton. The Attleboro YMCA's Cyndee Goodinson-Lindsey says that assorted fitness classes will be conducted by Attleboro YMCA instructors, with classes ranging from yoga, Zumba and boot camp. The classes are family friendly and free. For more click here.


The Gleason Family YMCA will be holding Mayhem for a Cause Wrestling Event! On July 18th at the Y gymnasium, Top Rope Promotions will present a live pro wrestling event that will benefit the Gleason Family YMCA 2015 Annual Campaign. Everyone will definitely want to see some high-flying action reliving childhood memores. For more click here.



YMCAs Positioned to Lead Community Health ServicesCCFA 

Ys provide key services shown to improve health care


On June 29, Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Massachusetts hosted a forum entitled "Social Equity and Health: Charting a Course for Action". The primary presenters, Lauren Taylor and Elizabeth Bradley, provided information from their new study on Leveraging Social Determinants of Health: What do we know works? Their findings from a review of 60 pieces of published research demonstrate that partnerships between health care organizations and social service organizations help people live healthier lives and reduce health care costs.
Primary to their findings are two key points. First, that social service organizations that are trusted are more likely to have an impact on people's lives. Secondly, that 60% of an individual's health is based on social, environmental, and behavioral factors. Additional research is showing that 55% of people that consume 5% of all Medicare costs list loneliness as their primary health risk.
What does this mean to Ys? It's the opening to an incredible opportunity. YMCAs are uniquely positioned in their communities. We are trusted. We are a natural place for people to gather. As a cause driven and cause minded organization, we are continually looking for ways to engage our communities in healthy choices. We are connecting with people who are not traditional health seekers and we are developing connections with resources to pay for these services.
As research like this continues and organizations like Blue Cross Blue Shield recognize the important role of community based organizations, the YMCAs in the Commonwealth with our over 370 service locations helping one in five residents, will continue to emerge as the natural partner. 


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