Almost Free #7

Joe Rocket Hemp Textile Jacket

Price:  $199.95 including shipping

Promo Gift Card of $150

Today's "Almost Free" sale makes one of our best closeout deals twice as good!

Here is the deal:  Buy a brand new, first quality Hemp textile jacket for the MSRP price of $199.95 and we will give you back a gift card for $150.  Your net cost is $49.95 INCLUDING SHIPPING!

The soft and breathable textile weave used in this jacket is perfect for summer and fall weather because it breathes so well.  And it is very comfortable too.  Going into winter you can use the vest-type insulated liner for added warmth... (more)

This jacket is offered in two colors: Olive and Sand: 



Fine Print: 
Here are details on how the Promo Gift Cards are issued.  You can get the card as soon as you've received your jacket and confirmed you will be keeping it (not exchanging or returning).

There are no restrictions on the use of the gift card and no expiration EXCEPT: 
We won't allow you to buy another "almost free" product with a gift card issued as a result of a previous "almost free" sale.  

This sale is for our private customers.  Large quantity purchases from resellers are not welcome.  *Limit 2 per customer.*

New Site Resources...

Every wonder what's different about the leather used in high end gloves?  Well, they are made from hairsheep!  Our crew frequently gets customer questions like this about the special materials used in motorcycle apparel.  It seems like each year there are more new exotic materials in use.  We put together a resource for you that deals with this issue: 

FAQ: Can you tell me about some of the special materials used in motorcycle apparel?

And here is another that deals with features found in Held gloves:

Held Gloves Features Information


Oh, to finish the thought, here's the scoop on a hairsheep:  It is a cross between a sheep and a goat only found in the mountains of some African countries. Its hide is soft and comfortable, like goatskin, but it has a more dense - and therefore hard-wearing - structure which is ideal for glove making.  (more)

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