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Alpha and Omega
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When the Christ Mind that was in Jesus spoke the words, "I am the Alpha and Omega --- the Beginning and the End" (Rev. 1: 8), a profound mystical truth was being proclaimed, affirming what mystics of the past, present, and future have voiced. The words state that the past (the beginning) and the future (the ending) are as One , and that time, or the appearance of it, is a cosmic blur, an illusion of Absolute Reality. This is to say that there is no real time lapse between beginning and ending --- only the illusion of it. The illusion of time exists to help in the construction of a cosmic duality, where the suggestion of opposites creates the illusion that the One Life of the Universe, or God, is now many lives, many lifetimes --- all seemingly flowing in time.

The Christ Mind that was in Jesus --- aware of the illusion of time and seeing the Reality of Absolute Universal Selfhood --- made known, to those with spiritual ears to hear, that He existed in a state of Universal Awareness, of Christ Consciousness existing Eternally as Alpha and Omega --- Beingness without beginning or ending, an endless circle without starting or ending point, an Eternity that simply IS. Because there is existence, it can be thought of as One Eternal Moment of Time --- a cosmic timepiece showing only one moment of time. 


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