Alt Ed Community Reacts to Trump Win
Listen to First AERO Podcast if you Missed it

First Podcast a Big Success!
Here are some reactions:

"I just listened to it from start to finish, and it is excellent, fascinating and practical. I will share it at the relevant communities." - Tami

From "Congratulations Jerry! I think the podcast idea is inspired. "

From Poland:  It is great that you've started the podcast. I was trying to find something like this and there were not many on you tube. So - great idea! I'm looking forward to new ones!"

" Home schoolers, un-schoolers, democratic schoolers, etc., are always fearful that if they don't go to a "regular" school, they'll never be accepted to a college or university. This interview should put them at ease." - Ira

As I said, we would like you to repost this far and wide, to your mailing lists, organization members, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc. And we really need feedback on this first one!

If you missed the first podcast here's the information on it again:

We have now created the first AERO podcast. We're very excited about this. This is different from anything else we have done before and has great potential to expand our network. Each will be a very professionally done, in depth discussion of a topic of interest to people interested in learner-centered education. People can listen to them at their leisure at home or in their car, for example. 
The first podcast consists of three interviews on the topic of how homeschooled and alternative school graduates go through the process of applying to colleges, what happens when they get in, as well as financial considerations. We interviewed an actual admissions director of an alternative college, an author/expert of the whole process and the questions to expect from admissions Counselors, and the director of an alternative high school with his perspective. 

You can listen to the podcast here, or subscribe on soundcloud here.
The Podcast can also be found on iTunes, and since most podcast apps pull from the iTunes database most of the popular podcast apps on Android and ios such as Podcast Addict (Android),  Pocket Casts (both), and  Overcast (ios) will have it. Just search "Education Revolution" and it should pop up. This will allow you to download and take episodes with you wherever you go.

Read the rest here

The Alternative Education Community Reacts To Trump's Election
I've been reading the many articles and opinion pieces concerning the unexpected Donald Trump election win. Some themes do seem to be emerging. 
It's one thing to be opposing the current (Democratic) administration. It is quite another to actually have to govern. This may bring sobriety to a lot of rhetoric.
Many if not most of the people who voted for Trump were not racist, or biased in other ways, but were voting for change, as often happens after any political administration. 
If this is a crisis, this means danger and opportunity. 
In terms of educational philosophy, innovative education may actually have an opportunity in this new climate. 
Here are a few of the reactions to the Trump win that may be of interest to AERO readers:
Charles Eistenstein:
" Even though I predicted a Trump victory in the election a few months ago, I was still pretty shocked when the results came in. My prediction wasn't based on any political calculations. I explained it in a speech I gave in Britain. "I think Trump will win," I said, "for reasons of dramatic aesthetics. If you were the playwright of American history, what more fitting next chapter could there be than Donald Trump?""
Read the full blog here.
From Michael Mendizza (about Jerry Mander)
" The next president was predicated in 1978 in Jerry Mander's The Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. In our conversation below Jerry described how Form is Contentand why our 45th President Elect did not simply fall out of the sky. He was created by the carefully crafted forms that shape corporate media, the most powerful propaganda enterprise on earth, and how this form shapes the content of our consciousness, what we believe and feel. Fundamental changes in the nature and structure of this form gave rise to the content we experience and that defined the next president ."
Read the whole essay here.
From Harald Maffucci:
" We, Democrats/Progressives, are in that situation now. We got clobbered - really clobbered. Now is no the time to panic. Most likely, it will be bad for our base beliefs and policy positions in the short-term.  The winners have to govern. It is easy to be "the resistance" as some call it, harder to govern. Maybe, their ideas and policy positions will work. Many have not in the past. If not, we need to be ready to pick-up the pieces. ..."
Read the whole blog here.

From Alan Singer:
Donald Trump is impulsive and irresponsible, but not ideological on most issues. The goal of "opposition" should be to prevent permanent damage to the environment, Constitutional Rights, especially for minorities and women, the economy, and global alliances. This will not be an easy task, especially because..... 
Read the whole blog here. 

Report on the Protest of the Closing of Sudbury Schule Amersee
Many members of the AERO network and others from around the world sent their support to the Sudbury School Ammersee which had been forced to close by education authorities. They had a big day of protest and sent this message to us:
Dear Jerry:
We are very grateful about all the support we had from around the world. Many people wrote letters, (some are on the blog) sent us, clips and pics. 

...For 23 students, they don't all go to other schools. Some are doing unschooling. They get letters and a lot of pressure. We have lawyers working on this. It's very complicated. 
So far there has been no reaction from officials. We are waiting for a judicial decision, maybe by the end of November. We're working on different levels. For example we are creating a nice book from the protest day including pictures from around the world for the Ministry of Education. We will not give up!

Greetings Monika 
Sudbury Schule Ammersee
Hauptstr. 18
86934 Reichling/Ludenhausen
Tel.: +49.8194.99 88 910
I'm sure the school can use additional support from our network.
See the long list of letters and pictures from supporters around the world here.
Trump Might Want to Scrap the Education Department; How Doable Is That?

Some Republicans have  been trying to get rid of the U.S. Department of Education since President Ronald Reagan took office, when the agency was only about a year old.

Now, with Republican Donald Trump headed to the White House and a GOP-controlled House and Senate, Republicans have their best chance yet to scrap-or at least seriously scale back-the agency.

Trump talked about eliminating the Education Department on the campaign trail or cutting it "way way down," but didn't offer details about how he would do that, or what would happen to key programs if he did downsize.

Read the rest here.
Update On Democratic Education In Europe From Derry Hannam
By Derry Hannam

A couple of interesting developments in Europe this week. 

- to include participation in democratic decision making in the every day life of the school.

In an impressive debate in the House of Commons today the UKYP voted for a 'Curriculum For Life' for English schools with proper Personal and Social and Citizenship Education which have substantially disappeared in the face of endless testing and narrowing of what is taught - but not necessarily learnt.

This entirely complements the demand for Democracy and Human Rights to be practiced in schools and not just taught in dry lessons that was made at the WORLD FORUM ON DEMOCRACY IN EDUCATION at the COUNCIL OF EUROPE in Strasbourg this week - accompanied by a demand that at least 20% of curriculum time should be negotiated between students and teachers in a democratic process to allow students to have more control over what they learn.
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