Always in Awe


My friend and colleague Rev. Steve Eveland reminded us in his homily this past Sunday that "reflection" is a cornerstone of the expression of our metaphysical principles. Looking into a mirror with compassionate, constructive intention can help us "see ourselves" more clearly -- both literally and metaphorically. Reflections - both in the mirror and in our mind - help us understand who we are, and what we need to do to be the best we can be. 

So, here I go, with my weekly reflections. Recently, I wrote a "thank you" note to the volunteers who helped make our Psychic Fair on Saturday night such a success, despite a displacement from our usual "holding area" in the Fellowship Hall because of our renovations.  I said something in the note that I proudly say again right here in this issue of ISDetails: E very time I think I can't be more grateful, God reveals to me more ways to be in awe of what we can accomplish as a team.

Our renovations throughout December upstairs in the Sanctuary and now downstairs in the Fellowship Hall, offices and bookstore, have meant lots of flexibility be required - for those of us working behind the scenes, and all of you who are attending our services and events! And, thanks to your flexibility, your willingness to adapt, combined with your passionate enthusiasm about just BEING at ISD regardless of any temporary uprooting or displacement, means that the essence of Who We Are as a church and community continues to shine brightly TO us, and THROUGH us.  

A special shout-out goes to the three-person team of Brooks, Diana and Elizabeth Lowery - who took on the Herculean task of taking down the Christmas decorations after the Annual Convention and Board meeting on January 15. Brooks, Diana and Elizabeth, your hard work before AND after the holidays is so very much appreciated! What a blessing. 

After this past Sunday's regular Service, we kicked off our 2017 Wellness activities with our first Winter Wellness Expo of the year, and the first in our newly-renovated Sanctuary. A small but mighty team of healers and volunteers managed to offer 17 wellness sessions in under three hours. That's a lot of Well-Being being served up in our Spiritual Home! And that's a lot of humming energy being infused into our Sacred Space. 

We just keep on keepin' on, don't we? And over the next couple of weeks I hope you will continue to add your energies to the fullness of the ISD-DC experience.

This week is particularly full at ISD! 

Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher Hilary Loewenstein helps us to " Beat the Winter Blues" on this Tuesday, January 24, and next Tuesday, January 31. She'll have tips, tactics and creativity-boosters to help us raise our vibration when the colder and darker days begin to make us punchy. 

Our second Wednesday Wonders event of the month is this THIS Wednesday, January 25, when we kick off the new   Message Lottery. If you attended our Sunday Service on January 15, you got a taste of the lively new format from Rev. Patricia Makin. Participants will place their name on a ticket and drop it in a bowl or basket. The medium will draw a name from the basket and then offer an intuitive message from Spirit to that person on the ticket. Names will be drawn until everyone has received their message! Message Lottery  will take place on the LAST Wednesday every month. 

Looking to make your passions part of your day-to-day living, instead of just partitioned parts of your schedule? Rev Fran Wright will help us all to "Explore our Spirit's Passions" during a self-reflective and fun all-day workshop on Saturday January 28. 

Be sure to check out the ISD website for the most recent updates and additions to the calendar of events. 

If you know someone in need of special prayer, you can fill out our online prayer request. Our weekly Prayer Circle convenes every Sunday evening remotely to pray silently for those on the weekly list of requests. 

Needing some inspiration or a recorded guided meditation to help you attune to Spirit? Check out ISD's Soundcloud page for a comprehensive list of past Sunday Service homilies, Sunday service meditations and evening meditations.

Thanks for keeping me in awe of YOU!

Rev. Rob Banaszak
Pastor, Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, D.C. 
How to Beat the Winter Blues
With Hilary Loewenstein
Tuesdays, January 24 and 31, 2017
7:30 p.m.
Cost: $25 members/$30 non-members
(special discount if both classes are paid-in-full before the start of the first class)

Sure the winter months can present challenges to our daily mood. The days are shorter, it's cold outside, and the sun doesn't seem to shine as brightly. For the last two Tuesdays in January, join Life Coach Hilary Loewenstein and learn some proven techniques to help raise your mood and chase away those winter blues!

Message Lottery:
A Wednesday Wonders Event
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
7:30 p.m.
Cost $10

A fun new twist on receiving uplifting messages from Spirit!  Everyone who attends writes her or his name and birthdate on a paper billet and tosses it into a bowl. Our message bearer will draw a name from the bowl, connect with the individual's energy, and then offer him or her a message.

This event, which will take place on the last Wednesday of each month, is also part of our new Wednesday Wonders series. 

Exploring Your Spirit's Passions
With Rev. Fran Wright
10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Cost $80 members / $85 non-members

What activities in your life excite and inspire you? Which of them make your Spirit soar and your Heart sing? 

Rev.  Fran  Wright takes us on an exciting soul-journey to discover how we can turn those activities that bring us such pure joy into a way of daily living with passion and purpose.

Institute for Spiritual Development