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Summer 2013

Read below for recent advances, including answers to several of your questions in the fight against Alzheimer's & memory loss.

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The Alzheimer's Diet
100% of the proceeds of the sale of every copy of the new Alzhemer's Diet Book will go directly toward Alzheimer's research
from August 15 - November 15, 2013. 
The authors will donate these funds toward research on nutrition and brain health, in a study that aims to assess the effectiveness of a comprehensive dietary plan for Alzheimer's prevention in family members at risk, and treatment of individuals with memory loss. Read more about this exciting research! 
Alzheimer's Q&A: Our Experts Answer     
Thanks for submitting your questions! In the last week >150 were submitted. This highlights the widespread need for quality information. Have a question? Click Here to Ask!

Some answers to your most common ?s:
- What are the stages of Alzheimer's?
- What are my chances to get AD?
- Is there a test for Alzheimer's?
- What's the lifespan for a person with AD?

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