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September 2016 Newsletter

U.S. Volunteer Melanie Makes a Difference
Awesome volunteer Melanie sorting beaded jewelry at OU's Highlands Ranch office
Melanie is a busy metro Denver mom who loves spending time with her family and pets, and she wants to live in a world where people look out for one another. She decided to find an international organization that works with women and children where she could volunteer and chose Outreach Uganda because of its high impact and low overhead.
"Nothing is for show; all we do is help," says Melanie.
Melanie describes Outreach Uganda as an organization that helps Ugandan women earn a sustainable and living wage. We are "helping them help themselves," says Melanie.
Currently, Outreach Uganda is working with three villages in Uganda to help them generate sustained income. In addition, Outreach Uganda has a child sponsorship program that helps children ages four and older to receive an education, a luxury many rural Ugandan children aren't provided.
Beyond her dedication of time in her busy schedule, Melanie's family also sponsors a young boy. We can't express the appreciation we have for the time Melanie donates to Outreach Uganda.

Do you want to make a difference like Melanie in the lives of women and children in Uganda? Join us as a volunteer and help us promote sustainable income and education in our communities!
Contact us to learn how you can help today! Please email  office@outreachuganda.org  or call her directly at  303/683-8450 .

"Think No More. Go." says Uganda Volunteer Leah
This past summer we were fortunate to have several volunteers in Uganda.  One of those was Leah who visited both our Agwata and Jinja locations in August.  After completing a career in the military, Leah is now completing her master's degree in public health.  She was quite excited to visit our Agwata clinic to see first hand how much a remote community clinic such as Agwata's can make such a positive impact.  Besides helping inventory a shipment of medicines from Outreach Uganda, she was amazed to note that on the day she observed clinic operations, 50 out of 50 patients tested positive for malaria!

Leah has been a dedicated sponsor, not only of one of the children at the Agwata school, but also of two of the nurse positions at the clinic.  Leah was thrilled to be able to meet not only her sponsored child, but to meet her child's entire family and visit their home.

Leah with her sponsored child's family.

Besides helping at the clinic, Leah also visited our fifth and sixth grade classes at the Agwata school to help them with their English. Leah commented, "When you deploy, you have a mission and purpose. But this [volunteering and sponsoring] is so much more special because you are directly impacting people."
She hopes to travel back to Uganda again with us in February/March.  "It's just cool. You can't go and not expect your life to be changed forever," observed Leah.  "Think no more. Go."
Would anyone like to join us for either the February/March or June/July trips?  Please email carol@outreachuganda.org or call her directly at 303/683-8450 for more information.

Bead Corner
New Size: "Micro" Beads Are Here!

Always looking for new ways to WOW our very supportive crafters and jewelry designers, our Ugandan beaders continue to provide many different bead sizes and specialized bead colors!    

Matched Packs - These tiny beads are delicately made by our Ugandan beaders. The average bead measures 0.5 cm in diameter. Choose your matched pack among current colors in stock .

"Amaizeing" Porridge
Cultural Infobyte
Nursery students waiting for lunch on the nursery veranda.
Because most of the Agwata school children eat only one meal per day (an evening meal around 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.), we began a feeding program at the school in February 2011. 

The type of porridge served depends on the growing season but maize porridge is the most commonly used.

Maize porridge
100g maize flour
1 liter water
  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. Mix maize flour with water to smooth paste in a two to three liter pan.
  3. Pour the boiling water over the maize paste and stir.
  4. Put on fire and keep stirring adding more water if the porridge is too thick.
  5.  Cook until boiling.
  6.  Reduce the heat and leave the porridge to boil for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Serve hot with sugar and milk.

To continue this very popular and worthwhile program, we need your help. 

A tax deductible contribution of $25 feeds the entire school for 1 day. $25 can provide porridge for all our 500 students for 1 day! For just 5 cents per student, you can prevent malnutrition, help a child learn better, and help prevent disease. 

As always, we welcome your feedback about our newsletter and hope that you will forward it along to your friends. Thank you so much for your support. 

Carol Davis Signature
Carol Davis
Outreach Uganda

P.S. If you are interested in volunteering in Uganda in 2017, please email me and I can send you a handout with more information and trip dates! In November we'll be booking airfares for the February/March trip.
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