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Amendment to Supporting Documentation Requirements for Program Year 2015
The Supporting Documentation Requirements for Program Year 2015 have been amended. Please visit MeHI's MU Toolkit for Eligible Professionals to download and view the recently revised requirements regarding Patient Volume, Security Risk Analysis, Clinical Decision Support Rule, and Heath Information Exchange. Newly added verbiage is listed in blue font. The following updates were incorporated:

Patient Volume:
  • FQHC EPs are required to submit the composition of Needy Patient Volume. The template can be found here. Further details on patient volume supporting documentation is required only upon request.
  • If Patient Volume Threshold documentation is required, it must be provided in a searchable format (i.e. Excel). Templates can be found here.
Security Risk Analysis:
  • EPs are required to fill in and submit a Security Risk Analysis/Review Cover Sheet. The cover sheet can be found here.
Global Clinical Decision Support Rule:
  • If the screenshot does not display the enabled date, either a) submit a copy of the certified EHR system's audit log showing the selected CDSR interventions were enabled for the entire EHR reporting period, or b) provide a Vendor letter stating when the alerts were enabled and confirming Providers do not have the ability to deactivate an alert.
Health Information Exchange:
  • Documentation to show reasonable certainty of receipt is no longer required, but please note CMS's guidance: "To count in the numerator, the sending provider must have reasonable certainty of receipt of the summary of care document." Providers must be able to provide supporting documentation to demonstrate the basis of their reasonable certainty upon request.
  • Only one unique Summary of Care record is required per EP.
  • The Summary of Care record must be in human readable format and cannot be a test record. At a minimum, it must include a current problem list, current medication list, and current medication allergy list. Other patient information must be included if known, but may be left blank if such information wasn't recorded, or there was nothing to record.
On Friday May 20, MAPIR will open for 2015 Meaningful Use applications. Carefully review the supporting documentation requirements. Submitting all required documentation with your application will speed up the approval process.

Call 1-855-MassEHR or email for assistance.