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Georgia Afton,
Community  Outreach Director
Dear LBFE Volunteers,

Thanks to all of you who helped make Thanksgiving such a lovely celebration for our elders. We've had many calls of appreciation from folks saying what a wonderful time they had. Like us, they want you to know how much your gift of time and presence meant.  
For evidence of just that, be sure to check out our Thanksgiving photo gallery.

We hope to see many of you back with us to celebrate Christmas. This year the event will be held on Christmas Eve Day from noon-2pm, rather than on Christmas Day and will be hosted at Envision Event Center (formerly The Prom Center) in Oakdale, rather than at a Minneapolis venue. 

We still have several volunteer opportunities for Christmas Eve and some for December 23rd. To check those out and sign up, just click holidays.

This issue, we are delighted to introduce   Ann Fosco our new Community Impact Director. She's excited to connect with you, and we're very happy to have her and her volunteer manangment skills on board. WIth Ann onboard, I will be able to concentrate more of my time on recruiting an onboarding new volunteers.Welcome Ann!

We're also happy to roll out our new 
Volunteer Engagement Report. You'll love how easy it makes reporting your volunteer hours, as well as provinding valuable information about our elders' well-being.  

In addition, you'll find a Visiting Volunteer opportunity and an Elder Day Dream you can fulfill. Each offers a wonderful way to connect with an elder friend.

If we can support you in any way in your role as a volunteer or help you with an elder friend, please reach out to Ann at or 612.746.0725 or contact Georgia at 612.746.0732 or

Many thanks for all you are and all you do,

Introducing ...
Community Impact Director Ann Fosco

Ann Fosco, Community Impact
Hello All! My name is Ann Fosco and I am the new Community Impact Director at Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have joined LBFE, an organization that is so committed to creating a community of care networks for Minnesota's increasing elder population; networks of volunteers who offer the gifts of respect, compassion and connection that relieve isolation and loneliness among the elderly. Last year alone, approximately 700 volunteers impacted and enhanced the lives of 600+ of our elderly neighbors. I am so grateful that you and I are teaming up in this movement because together we will raise elders out of isolation and build bridges to community connection and friendship.

I have been a part of the nonprofit community in the Twin Cities for over 20 years, always having worked in organizations dedicated to creating a community of hope where all feel valued and cared about! My husband Ed and I have lived in the South Minneapolis Longfellow neighborhood for 25 year and raised our two daughters there. (My commute time to work is approximately 6 min!) 

I am really looking forward to meeting more of you, the fabulous volunteers who are so dedicated to the mission of Little Brothers. Feel free to reach out to me at any time - I would love to hear from you! You can reach me at or 612.746.0725.

Ann Fosco
Volunteer Time Reporting ... 
       Made Easy

We are delighted to introduce our new Volunteer Engagement Report, which is accessible both online and from your phone. 

In addition to capturing your all important volunteer hours, the Volunteer Engagement Report also allows  Visiting Volunteers, Phone Companions and In-Person Check-in Volunteers to complete a simple  Elder Visit Report  after each visit. Here you will be able to share with us information on your elder's well-being and the progress being made in overcoming isolation and loneliness.

You can access the  Volunteer Engagement Report  directly from the home page on our website. Scroll to Volunteer Time Reporting, click on Report and enter the pass code: lbfe. You can also  access the  portal here. 

For a  step-by-step guide that will walk you through accessing and completing the Volunteer Engagement Report, click

If you have any questions about reporting your hours, please contact Ann Fosco at 612.746.0725 or

VisitingVolVisiting Volunteer Opportunity ...
for a two- and a four-legged volunteer!

Recently widowed, David is a soft spoken intellectual who lives in a senior-friendly apartment complex in Maplewood. 

He loves to be around people and to "join in the fun." Though he has early onset Parkinson's disease, he manages very well with medication and the support of in-home care services.

David is mobile and still drives some, but not for long distances. A music buff, he would love to be matched with a fellow aficionado of all-things strings. He enjoys philosophy, chess, cards and getting out and about around town. He is partial to coffee houses, free concerts, movies and also enjoys sharing a bite to eat. While quiet by nature, David is also a warm and thoughtful conversationalist and is comfortable with companionable silence, too. 

In addition to losing his dear wife, David more recently lost his dog and would LOVE to have a volunteer visitor of the four-legged as well 
as the two-legged variety.
David's   Program Manager Kelly Farrell

If you would like to be David's Visiting Volu nteer, call me  at 612.746.0755  or reach me:
Elder Day Dream 
Time spent with you ...

Time Spent
with You
Mary, a regular at Cards,Crafts and Coffee mornings, loves to be with people! With winter coming, Mary was sad that a doctor's appointment kept her from the last gathering. 

Big-hearted with a tender spirit, Mary is not actually all that picky about what her Elder Day Dream entails. Rather, what's important to her, she says, is that it involves spending time with someone kind who loves togetherness.

She would dearly love to connect with someone who would enjoy dropping by for a board game or crocheting or knitting together. Very mobile, she would be equally happy to pop out for a coffee. She'll gladly chat with you about books and is a big fan of the Little Free Library, particularly enjoying how it brings strangers together to share favorite reads.

If you would like to be make Mary's Elder Day Dream of simple togetherness come true , please call Kelly  at 612.746.0755  or reach her at

Please be aware, LBFE cannot issue in-kind donation receipts to volunteers for costs associated with Elder Day Dreams.
Thanksgiving Photo Gallery ...


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Sat., Dec. 17
10:30 a.m. - Noon

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