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Happy Fall to you. We're so glad you are with us heading into the season. It's already a busy one here at LBFE, and we have lots of news to share this issue.

Check out Program Director Sandy O'Donnell's article to find out how our new companionship model is aligning more effective service for our  elders with more volunteer options for you. 

Be sure not to miss our featured Visiting Volunteer opportunity, especially if you like to be goofy! You'll also want to read about a wonderful new Visiting Volunteer duo where the elder and the volunteer have much more in common than just their first names.

We know too you'll definitely want to put your hands together for volunteer Jack Munsell, when you learn about the lengths he's gone to on behalf of our elders. Read about his achievement and his kindness in Going the Extra Mile.

Speaking of going the extra mile, you can do that for our elders too by  sharing our upcoming orientation dates with friends, family and colleagues. Your help spreading the volunteer word truly makes a difference in our ability to serve more elders. In addition, you can help by letting us know of any civic, religious or professional groups to whom we might make volunteer presentations.If any come to mind, please call me at me 612.746.0732 or email me at 

Huge thanks to our Bingo! and Cards, Crafts and Coffee Event Captains, who say they need drivers. So please lend us your wheels if you can. 

We also have good news on the holidays for you and our elders.

And be certain to feast your eyes on our photo gallery featuring the Roseville Rotary birthday celebration that made not only the day, but also the month special for so many elders. Thank you Rotarian friends. 

As always, if you have questions about any of our volunteer opportunities or need support related to helping us relieve elder isolation and loneliness, 
please reach me at or 

Warmly, with thanks for all you do,

newmodel New Companionship Model Works 

by Sandy O'Donnell
Sandy O'Donn ell, Program Director

We are delighted to share that our new companionship model is up and running, and already starting to power increased effectiveness in our ability to reduce elder loneliness and isolation through volunteers. 

Our original Visiting Volunteer program, which is thriving, is now flanked by a re-imagined Phone Companion outreach effort on one side and a brand new In-Person Check-in program on the other. 

The beauty of the new companionship model is two-fold. On the volunteer side of the equation, our increased engagement options afford volunteers more choices and greater flexibility in terms of the time and commitment levels available. This allows us to cater to a wider volunteer pool than ever before, and simultaneously positions us to serve more people on the elder side of the equation

Our new approach also widens the spectrum of companionship and care we can offer elders, thereby ensuring deeper engagement and more social connection opportunities for them. Our Phone Companions and Check-in Volunteers undergo specific training designed to assist us to better pinpoint each elder's social engagement needs, which in turn allows us to track and measure the effectiveness of our services, so we can continue to improve our ability to reduce elder loneliness and isolation.

We are excited to see our new companionship model begin to unfold and excited to have your help to make it successful. If you would like to consider becoming a volunteer in one of the following capacities just click the link for the relevant link to see a job description: 

We would be very happy to hear from those of you who would like to join our Phone Companion or In-Person Check-In efforts. And, of course, we are always delighted to add new Visiting Volunteers. For more information, please contact Georgia at 612.746.0732 or at

Program Manager
Kelly Farrel
Visiting Volunteer Opportunity:
Do you do goofy?

Sandy is a lovely elder. And she is also at an especially lonely moment in her life, given she's recently had to give up her independent lifestyle for nursing home living -  a hard transition under any circumstances. The move, however, came with the added blow of having to give up Amber, her beloved feline friend of many years.  Amber wasn't any ordinary pet, she was truly Sandy's sole family and main companion. 

Added to the nursing home transition and loss of Amber, Sandy has  endured a lot in life since childhood. Yet, despite all, thanks to a resilient spirit,  her warm and vibrant personality shines bright. 

More than anything Sandy would love to find someone to be goofy with. She also loves current affairs and is glued to the election. She enjoys crafts and games on any kind, especially if they lend to goofy behavior! If you would enjoy letters from Sandy typed on an old-fashioned typewriter and wanted to bring a four-legged friend of your own along for a visit, Sandy would love to meet you.

If you would like to be Sandy's Visiting Volunteer, please call me  at 612.746.0755  or reach me at 
New Friends 
Visiting Volunteer Match The Donna Duo  

 Difference is Friendship
"You made my day; I feel so happy someone wants to be my friend," said Elder Friend Donna H. on learning Donna J. wanted to be her Visiting Volunteer. Once they met,  turns out each considered the other an instant hit, perhaps that perfect ten, when you just know it's going to be good from the start. 

It seems the two have much more in common than their their first names. Both love card-making and scrap-booking, not to mention a good chat, and both are plain silly for dogs. Donna, the elder -  who has  been longing for a canine in her life -  was especially thrilled to meet LuLu, Donna the volunteer's adorable pup. 

The two also share a deep commitment to volunteering. Speaking of her new Elder Friend, Donna J. commented,"It warms my heart to learn that she not only volunteered for LBFE, but also for the MS Society. Given I live with MS that means a lot to me.She also made LuLu feel right at home and is  just a pleasure to be with." 

For her part, Donna H. says, "Donna is so easy to talk to, and we just get along great.Thanks for matching me with such a delightful person."

We are happy to bring delightful people like Donna and Donna together. If you, or someone you know, would like to become a Visiting Volunteer and make a real difference in an elder's life, please let us know. Contact Georgia 
at or 612.746.0732

Thank you!
Going the Extra Mile for LBFE Elders!
Triathlete Jack Munsell raises $2,400 

Jack crossing the finish line for LBFE!.
OK folks, let's make that 32 extra miles to be exact!  On August 28th, LBFE volunteer Jack Munsell swam, biked and ran the  grueling Chicago Triathlon  in a little over 3.5 hours to raise funds on behalf of LBFE elders. 

Jack not only raised $1,200, he then doubled the gift out of his own pocket to contribute a total of $2,400 toward the cause of ending elder isolation and loneliness in the Twin Cities.

Asked, "Why?" Jack shared the following: 

"I chose LBFE as the beneficiary of my fundraiser because the organization does amazing work focusing on an overlooked, but wonderful, population of people, who deserve the very attention that LBFE and its glorious staff and volunteers selflessly provide. I am proud to be a part of this team."

And we are proud and lucky to have Jack volunteering with us. He might just have earned a cookie or two the next time he delivers Friendship and Flowers. Thank you Jack!
Bingo! Cards, Crafts & Coffee ...
Event Captains need drivers 

First of all, special thanks to our Event Captains for taking over management of Bingo! and Cards, Crafts and Coffee from staff. Captains include elder/volunteer Terry Doyle, longtime volunteers Rick Ziton and Katherine Scaffer and office support  Dale Bergstrom. You guys are great! Thank you for taking over management of events that mean so much to our elders.

Secondly, and no less important, Terry, Rick, Katherine and Dale would love to have you and your wheels help ensure elders get to Bingo! and Cards, Crafts and Coffee. Bingo is on the second Tuesday of every month from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. at St. Olaf's Catholic Church at 215 8th Street in Minneapolis. Cards, Crafts and Coffee always takes place fourth Thursday of the month at our 1845 East Lake Street location in Minneapolis from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

If you can drive, please contact Sandy at
612.746.0724 or Thank you.
LBFE's Holiday Dinners Move Forward!

Great news: LBFE's Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are on. And we are happy to introduce Holiday Manager, Kate Josephson. Please direct all holiday-related inquiries to Kate at or reach her at 612.746.0746. Please bear with Kate as she gets up to speed and expect to hear from her soon with sign-up information for the holidays. 

Please note that our Christmas celebration will take place on Christmas Eve this year instead of Christmas Day due to a venue change from St. Mary's in Minneapolis to the Prom Center in Oakdale. We look forward to having you with us!
Thank you
Roseville Rotary Volunteeers!

Hats off to Roseville Rotary for putting on another spectacular picnic celebration for our elders. The party was held on September 14th, and you can check out the photographic evidence below for proof of just some of the fun that was had!


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