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The loss of Christina and Chelsea is not an easy one for any of us. Yet, the truth is, if we are to pursue our mandate to effectively address an exponential growth in the elder population, then our old staff-intensive service model won't work. S imply put, we can't afford to pay the staff it would take for us to effectively head-off the explosion in elder loneliness we seek to address.  

The great news is that we are putting our energy and resources into building a volunteer-intensive service model that will allow us to more effectively reach and better serve existing elder friends, while ultimately allowing us to expand our capacity to serve more elders.

An exponential growth in the number of volunteers in the community will, in the words of Executive Director James Falvey, "establish a neighbor-caring-for-neighbor paradigm that brings us closer to a community where no elder feels alone in life, and every elder is valued and loved." 

So, volunteers lest you think otherwise, we need you now more than ever!  Program Director Sandy O'Donnell outlines some key initial needs that we'll be counting on volunteers to help us fulfill
In other important news, see why recruiting a Holiday Volunteer Dream Team is at the very top of LBFE's wishlist this year. Learn how much your input matters as we strive to reach new volunteer audiences. Meet Larry whose Elder Day Dream is to find a visiting volunteer and to taste the buttery sweet corn taste of summer at the State Fair. And then learn how much having a dream fulfilled meant to  David.

The fabulous Roseville Rotary picnic is September 14 from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at Bradfords on Lake Josephine in Arden Hills, and our  St. Paul Lunch is
August 24 from 11:00 p.m. - 12:15 p.m. at our regular
Elder's Lodge venue. 
If you can drive elders to either event, please contact Sandy at or 612.746.0724. To check out other upcoming events please visit our events' calendar.

As always, if you have questions about any of our volunteer opportunities or need support related to helping us relieve elder isolation and loneliness, 
please reach me at or 

Warmly, with thanks for all you do,

No Ordinary Calling... 
Trained volunteer phone support &
in-person check-in volunteers needed
by Sandy O'Donnell
Sandy O'Donn ell, Program Director

Do you know what it's like to sit and stare at the phone all day hoping it will ring? Perhaps the answer is "No" for you, but for far too many LBFE elders, unfortunately, it's "Yes."  

While LBFE currently has a  phone companion program, it's time to take it to the next level. So we are embarking on  a program whereby volunteers are trained to go  above and beyond 
the warmth of a companionship call. 

In tandem with this effort, we will be training individuals and teams of in-person check-in volunteers, distinct from our Visiting Volunteers. Together, phone and check-in volunteers, along with volunteers in our already robust visiting volunteer program will strengthen our capacity to reach more elders and elevate our success at reducing loneliness and isolation.

Phone and check-in volunteers will form part of a care continuum integral to our efforts to create effective care plans based on the specific needs of each elder we serve. Volunteers will begin with building rapport and trust. Next, they will help us paint an intimate elder portrait that captures loneliness levels over time, measures physical, mental and environmental well-being and reports social needs, hopes and dreams. 

In addition, such volunteers will help us gather other details we can use to weave a care plan unique to each elder's needs. Phone and check-in volunteers will help create brief elder bios, complete with an Elder Day Dream for each elder, that we will use when matching Visiting Volunteers with elders to ensure the best possible match for both the elder and the volunteer. 

I'm very excited to hear from those of you who would like to join our phone or in-person check-in efforts. Please contact me at 612.746.0724 or at .
Help Us Keep LBFE's Holiday Dinners!
Volunteer Dinner Managers Needed
For people with no family, the holidays can be the most cruelly lonely time of the year. That's why since 1972 LBFE has offered fine-dining day-of-holiday celebrations that wrap our elders in warmth, fun and affection.
In recent years, however, the holidays have taken an increasing amount of staff time away from in-home service to the loneliest elders. So today, we are committed to investing that staff time in reaching and serving more elders year-round instead of pouring it into a few - albeit important - hours in our elders' lives. 

Participation on the Holiday Dream Team requires solid computing skills including Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. Exposure to Sign-up Genius is a plus. Strong writing, phone, problem solving and "people" skills are also a must. Team leaders will need big-picture management skills, the capacity to oversee many moving parts and the ability to handle multi-layered details. A strong knowledge of local urban geography will also be helpful. Click job description for more details.

Please contact Georgia at  612.746.0732 or if you would like more information on this exciting and important opportunity.
LBFE Presents ...
Aud i ences & Venues Needed

As part of a renewed effort  to share our mission, message and urgent need for volunteers, we  need your help! 

Please let us know if you can suggest or open doors to professional or social groups that can partner with us and supply the volunteers needed to take our efforts to the next level. 

We are geared up and ready to take the LBFE "show on the road" and to offer a series of presentations designed to educate the community on the issue of elder loneliness and isolation and to inspire people to volunteer.

Please contact Georgia at 612.746.0732 or if you have connections for us. Thank you.

Program Manager
Kelly Farrel
Visiting Volunteer Alert &
Elder Day Dream Wish

Larry would absolutely love a trip to the State Fair this year to get around the animals, feel their velvet noses and afterwards enjoy an ear of sweetcorn. But even more than that,  he'd love to have a Visiting Volunteer to call his own. 

Truth is, Larry's been pretty lonely lately since his friend and fellow movie-buff,  who used to visit him regularly, can't anymore. And that means Larry's just not getting out the way he used to. 

At first, a little on the shy side when Larry gets to know you he'll shine like the sun for you and delight you with his eccentricities and quirky sense of humor. He is hard of hearing, and while he walks with a cane, he's pretty mobile. Given half the chance to share the "Great Minnesota Get-Together with you, he might just run circles round you. And you'll find he's one in a million.   

If you can make Larry's dream come true and/or would like to consider being his Visiting Volunteer, please do call me  at 612.746.0755  or reach me at kfarrell@littlebrothersmn.orgThank you.

Please be aware, LBFE cannot issue in-kind donation receipts to volunteers for costs associated with Elder Day Dreams. Thank you.
Elder Day Dreams 
Really Do Come True 

Special thanks to volunteer Jean Carlson. She fulfilled David's simple dream to go  out for a good hamburger and a beer with someone who likes to have fun! 

On the Monday morning following his Saturday dream outing, David left Program Manager Kelly Farrell a message saying, "I can't tell you how much fun I had Saturday. It was a dream come true and then some. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Our heartfelt thanks to Jean and all the volunteers who have fulfilled Elder Day Dreams. Your kindness transforms loneliness into happiness. Bless you. 

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Birthday Smiles
for Betty

Volunteer Pat Cook gives Betty a 94th birthday to remember complete with a beautiful blouse 
and scarf especially designed  for celebrating in style!

Mom's Club Birthday Thank you

"Thanks so much for inviting us to host your July birthday party. We had such  wonderful time! On the drive home my daughter asked what Little Brothers was, and when I explained she said, "I'm going to do thee jobs when I grow up: Be a veterinarian, then fix cars, then work at that place!"

Thanks so much from LBFE to all the moms and kids who made our July birthday party so lovely for our elders.





Please send in your time reports -- it's easy!

Help us accurately track and report to the community and our funders by completing your monthly time report. Here's how:

  1. Fill out your time report. To download a writable PDF of the form, click here.
  2. Save and email, or print and mail or fax (612.721.5848) to your
    supervisor. View email directory.

 Thank you! 


InfoandOrientVolunteer Information and  Orientation Sessions

Tuesday, August 30 
6:15  - 7:45 p.m.

Tuesday,  Sept. 13 
6:15  - 7:45 p.m.

Saturday, Sept.
10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Sessions located at:
1845 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55497
Please RSVP one week in advance to Georgia at


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