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"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."

I've been thinking a lot lately about how the issue of human trafficking can feel so enormous and can leave us ordinary people feeling overwhelmed and helpless to make a difference. How can I possibly do anything of significant impact, we might think ? Yet, it seems more and more, that we read and hear stories of ordinary people doing small acts of kindness and how those small acts can have a ripple effect of goodness on the human soul. This is evidence, that yes, even the smallest gestures can have the greatest impact! My friend, I want to encourage you in this today if you are one of many who may feel like the task of  helping to end human trafficking
is out of your reach. I'm here to tell you, from one ordinary person to another, that it is well within our reach and  the powerful collective of each simple act against injustice, whether big or small, is what God uses to crush the darkness of evil. It is what allows us to be a part of the story of bringing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to those whose freedoms have been stolen. 

Here at Redeeming Love, as we continue to work toward our mission of providing housing and recovery services for survivors of sex trafficking, it is a core value of ours to continually point ordinary people like you and me toward everyday simple acts that can make an extraordinary impact to end human trafficking, protect the vulnerable, and help survivors recover. 

So my friend, the possibilities are endless. There truly is no action too small. Join the collective of justice seekers and I guarantee...It will. Not. Go. Wasted.

Charlene Heydorn, Founder & CEO
This Friday, July 8, Redeeming Love will be participating with other local service providers in a "Pop-Up" walk-in clinic for local victims of trafficking. This clinic will be located on a well known prostitution track in the city of Pomona. The goal is to give girls the opportunity to learn about various services that are available to them should they decide to reach out for help. Please pray for the girls we will encounter who are looking for housing. THIS is why we are so desperate to provide critical housing in the  San Gabriel Valley. 

If you haven't heard the GREAT news by now, in May, we received a $20,000 donation from a very generous donor. This propelled us within very close reach of our benchmark to open! Now we are asking you to match a portion of that donation ($1 or more!) by July 9. Every small donation will help us raise our remaining $20,000 by July 9! Will you help us Close the Gap?

 Interested in a bit of grillin' and a game of Cornhole to fight  trafficking? Why, yes please! If you've never heard of Cornhole, then you don't want to miss Redeeming Love's event this fall! We'll be serving up some slammin' BBQ along with an epic Cornhole tournament guaranteed inspire some good ol' fashioned competition. Put it on your calendar today and check out our website for more info!

  • In April, over 50 volunteers raised almost $5,500 by hosting yard sales for us through Rubbish to Resources. This was almost half of our $12,000 R2R goal for this year! Consider hosting a yard sale to raise money for sex trafficked victims.
  • In May, a private benefactor donated $20,000 to RL and put us in the home stretch to open our safe house this year!
  • In June, we partnered with Freedom 424 and Foothill Church to host Glendora Run 4 Their Lives 5k. Nearly $20,000 was raised to help human trafficking victims both globally and locally right here in the San Gabriel Valley!


Have you considered these simple acts against trafficking?
  • Raise awareness by reading a book such as Girls Like Us with your book club or friends. Invite RL to come share and discuss along with you!
  • Contribute your talents by volunteering your time a few hours a week.
  • Download the and help law enforcement find victims and traffickers every time you stay in a hotel or motel. 
  • Look for signs of trafficking in airports, bus, or train stations while traveling because most traffickers are always moving their victims. Alert law enforcement or security if you suspect something is not right. 

Spotlight on RL Heros
These teachers from Covina First Baptist preschool donated the  offerings given by their little students who wanted to help young girls in need! Jennifer told us, "We only collected offerings for about a month but our preschoolers 
still raised $300!"
These 3 little sisters, Alia, Halle
 and Katelyn, came up with the idea to take cookie orders from family and friends then baked and sold dozens of special cookies so they could donate the proceeds to RL to help sex trafficked young girls! Way to go, girls!
Mommy, Wife, Activist, and Foothill Church Outreach Director, Kelly Chakerian (pictured middle) has worked tirelessly for 3 years in a row to coordinate our local Run 4 Their Lives 5K, which has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help victims of sex trafficking and has brought awareness to thousands of others in the San Gabriel Valley community! 

July 8, 2016 - Pop-Up clinic in Pomona to aid local victims in our community

July 12-15, 2016  - NACC (North American Christian Convention) Booth Exhibitors in Anaheim, CA 

September 25, 2016 - RL's "Pitching For A Home" BBQ & Cornhole Tournament: An event to bring  victims  of sex 
trafficking home.

Anticipated Fall 2016- Redeeming Love Launches Phase One of 
First Safe House

Help us reach our financial benchmarks so that we can make this a reality in 2016!

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