eNewsletter of Calgary's Generative Journalism News Co-Op | November 27, 2014

Here are some of the stories we've been telling this week:

Calgary one of five cities in Canada to join Yellow Pages campaign to promote shopping at small to medium sized local businesses

As the 2014 holiday season unfolds, many Canadian shoppers are darting out to box stores - or in, to their computers, as the case may be - determined to nail the best deals in the least amount of time while gulping back stomach-churning anxiety.

And then there are those making another choice - shopping that is as much if not more about the experience as it is about the deals and the efficiency. Shopping that could in fact be considered a kind of community-building experience.

Shopping that sees people strolling through their local outdoor shopping districts, pausing for a coffee or hot chocolate at one small locally-owned shop, popping in to peruse the unique products at another. Enjoying how the cold air brings a rosy colour to one's cheeks, as well as the chance to chat with friends and family one meets along the way. Read more...

Calgary's first Social Impact Failure Wake to focus on what hasn't worked - and what can be learned

Dec. 3 at the St. James Corner pub, four brave souls will share their tribulations during the city's first-ever Social Impact Failure Wake. The event is presented by Thrive and Calgary EATS, and will be emceed by Court Ellingson of Calgary Economic Development.

"I think this kind of gathering is particularly important in Calgary because it is so easy to take a 9-5 job and make lots of money," says third-generation farmer, Calgary EATS representative and event co-organizer Renee MacKillop.

"By talking about risk and failure we can encourage and validate the desire and effort required to pursue our own kinds of meaningful work." Read more...

Informal Calgary network addresses core needs of new Canadian women

Noreen Mahmood was volunteering at a local nonprofit centre where she works with new Canadians when she caught a vision for the possibilities that an informal women's group could open up.

Fairly new to Canada herself - she moved from Pakistan in the spring of last year - Noreen had been active at the centre in Calgary's northeast, helping with translation services.

"I used to wear a headscarf, so women from areas like South Asia . . . used to come and stop by. I looked like them, so they came to me and asked about different things," Noreen recalls. Read more...

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