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My amazing day began at breakfast with friends as we had a lively discussion about the previous night's performance by the Paul Taylor Dance Company at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. We each brought a different perspective based on our knowledge and experience of dance and music.

Soon after we arrived at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, in time to walk around the grounds in a light summer drizzle and step into the small museum when the rain briefly came down harder.

The orchestra began its Saturday morning rehearsal with a world premiere, commissioned by violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, of John Williams' Markings. I looked up from my program when I heard laughter coming from the stage. The orchestra members were reacting to Mutter's surprise to see John Williams in the audience. They next performed Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D, Opus 35 and the first tears of the day floated down my cheeks as Mutter's playing entered my heart.

Next stop was the play, 4000 Miles, by Amy Herzog produced by Shakespeare & Company. We felt like we were a part of the play in our front row seats in the intimate theater. The play's four characters explored themes of aging, communication, and connection, each topics that I care about deeply. More tears flowed during this emotional play.

I was excited to head back to Jacob's Pillow for the Inside/Out performance by the contemporary dance students whom I had seen earlier in the week learning the choreography of Marguerite Donlon. I love this outdoor setting and the dancers were amazing. It was fun to see how the choreography had transformed in the short time since I had seen the rehearsal. Exiting the performance, I thanked the volunteer and again tears formed in my eyes. I think she was as surprised as I was.

Jacob's Pillow Inside Out
Jacob's Pillow Inside Out

On our drive to dinner I shared with my husband how the day had been so beautiful, filled with what I most love: friends, music, theater, dance, the outdoors, walking, thinking, and sharing it all with him. Once again the tears flowed as I relished an amazing day.

What brings you amazement, fulfillment, pleasure?
How do you ensure that you are getting a dose that sustains you?


A wonderful talk demonstrating the power of dance - John Bohannon on Dance vs power point, a modest proposal 

Here is a great story about Paul Prudhomme and New Orleans restaurant history  
Inspired thinking

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