November 2016
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Giving Thanks!

November seems like the perfect time to talk about an attitude of gratitude. People tend to think that gratitude pertains only to their personal lives, but gratitude absolutely has a role in business.
  • I'm grateful for long-time professional relationships that have turned clients into friends over the past 30+ years.
  • I'm grateful to many fabulous employees over the years who took great care of our customers and helped to grow the business.
  • Likewise, am grateful to the many suppliers who pulled rabbits out of their hats to meet ridiculous deadlines and make us look good.
  • I'm grateful to be working with many of those former clients in a new capacity (in many cases, both of us are in new industries!)
  • I'm grateful to still be interested in learning new things and look forward to tackling new challenges.
  • On a personal level, I'm thankful for a happy, healthy family and am especially mindful of how important family & friends are in times of loss.
There are many books about the power of "thanks", both in our personal lives and in the business world.  In the corporate world where leaders find themselves in a battle to attract and retain the best talent, recognizing, rewarding the contributions of employees is at the top of the list of effective strategies.

I'm a long-time fan of the " thank you note", especially in a business application. My guess is that there are plenty of people over the years who have helped you in your career, on committees or with something personal. Think about what it would mean to that person to receive a sincere "thank you" to let them know how much their actions meant to you. 

There's a whole industry built on business gift-giving - at the Holidays but also throughout the year. Studies show that companies who give gifts to valued customers retain them at a higher rate. 

As a bonus, it's really hard to be negative when you're focused on the things for which you're grateful! 

So, to everyone who is reading this, whether we've worked together for many years or never worked together - thanks for tuning in!  Let's go out and spread a little gratitude this Holiday season!

For those who are interested in rewarding & recognizing employees for their contributions, know that it goes beyond compensation. Here's a (shameless plug for a) book I wrote at the request of the Incentive Marketing Association discussing how non-cash rewards can help to attract, retain and engage your business' most important assets.

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