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Pat's Paragraphs

June 2016

Dear LLT Friends,

I answered the phone recently to a gentleman asking for permission to download the Seventh Day transcripts located on the website. He wanted to do his own Sabbath research, he said, and assured me that he would not take any credit, and that he didn’t want to infringe on the Adventists in any way.

Would I mind that he wants to go to our sources? Am I offended that he wants to find out for himself if we’re telling the truth about the Sabbath? What do you think?! It made my day! I assured him that the Adventists don’t own the Sabbath, and that transcripts are on the website for the very purpose of providing our sources for everyone interested in knowing.

This dear evangelical pastor went on to tell me that he’d purchased the Seventh Day series several years ago and watched it a number of times; he never shared it with his wife; he never showed it to his congregation. But he appreciated it very much himself. And that very morning, he’d brought the DVDs home from the office and asked his wife to watch them.

As they were watching together, a realization hit him: A feeling of discomfort he’d experienced on Saturday afternoons over many years was not, after all, anxiety about his upcoming Sunday responsibilities. It was a moving in his heart for the Sabbath, an inner testimony to God’s holy Sabbath!

He asked how we, as Adventists, “do” Sabbath? You think I might love answering that a question!? You’re right! It was a precious privilege to get to share the Sabbath experience with someone who genuinely wanted to know!

Friends, we don’t hear a lot about the impact our work is having. Production and distribution require a large investment in money, time, energy, and meticulous attention to detail in research, writing, filming, and editing. We can get bogged down in the “mechanics” of the work. So we’re tremendously lifted by the assurance that these precious truths we’re sharing are not falling on deaf ears.

We’re also encouraged by every donation we receive. Every gift is an evidence that you are with us in the work of reaching out. We would not, could not, do it alone. We thank God for your prayers and support!

Please pray with me that our small work will honor God in big ways. 

In Christ,

New Seventh Day Translations
The Italian version is now available in Italy, and we’ll soon have it here in the US as well. To God be the glory!

Slovenian missionaries in Mongolia have asked permission to translate The Seventh Day into Slovenian first, and possibly into Mongolian later. Greek and Estonian versions are in the works.

Unfortunately, our budget for foreign-language translations is in the red. We’re hoping that God will lay this burden on the hearts of a few donors so that the work of translation can continue. 
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