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FVC Members,
We are rapidly approaching the start of the 2016 indoor fall league season. Registration will be open soon and play will start the week of September 12th. This time last year, I shared with you some changes to our relationship with VVC. You can take a look back at that message here.  
Part of those changes resulted in Player Facilitated Matches in more of our leagues. In other words, more leagues were self-officiated with no paid referee. We did this in an effort to control costs and remain financially viable. However, many of you felt it was unfair that leagues with Facilitated Matches paid the same league fee as those with paid referees. We've heard you and we agree. Starting with this fall session at VVC, leagues with Facilitated Matches will pay a little bit less ($390) and leagues with paid referees will pay a little more ($450). Leagues running in Fairfax County schools will remain the same ($420). The reverse coed fours league will also remain unchanged ($280) with Facilitated Matches. We hope you will see this as a more equitable fee structure.
We are also implementing an exciting change to our Player Looking List. For years, dozens and dozens of players have used this free offering to register as an individual. However, we have had only minimal success in placing these players with a team or in forming teams from these players. In our multiple attempts to contact players from this list, we find they aren't interested in any of the playing opportunities we offer them. This season we have changed our approach and will offer a process for players that are serious about finding a team and joining in on the fun. The best way we know to do that is to charge a fee for that individual registration. Starting this fall session, there will be a $60 fee to register as an individual. This fee covers the cost for you to join a team for a session and we will actively work with each registrant to place them on a team. Our intent is to bring more players into our leagues to better our product for all of you.
Be on the lookout for our registration announcements for the Fall, both team and individual!
We always welcome your feedback and we appreciate your continued support. We look forward to seeing you on the courts soon!
Eric Mills - President
Fairfax Volleyball Club