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An Important and Timely Outreach

We recently shared a testimony through Leading The Way about Aliyeh, a Muslim girl from Iran whose family had moved to the United States. It was right here in America that she suffered religious persecution at the hands of her own family and it was here that she heard Leading The Way and eventually accepted Christ.

Aliyeh’s story is wonderful, but it also highlights a significant trend that will profoundly impact this great nation. Islam is growing at an alarming rate. Today, there are 2.6 million Muslims in America; by 2030 there will be 6.2 million—more than the current populations of Alabama and New Mexico combined.

With THE KINGDOM SAT satellite broadcasts, Leading The Way is at the forefront of reaching Muslims with the love and Truth of Christ in the Middle East and North Africa. But it is increasingly obvious that one of the most promising mission fields for reaching Muslims with the Gospel is right here at home.

In our free country, Muslims are not prevented from hearing the Word of God. They cannot be isolated from it. They can be reached—and this ministry has been called to “lead the way” in one of the most important outreaches of our time.

Leading The Way reaches Arabic-speakers in some of the most predominately Muslim areas of America—like Dearborn, Cedar Rapids, Philadelphia, and New York City—through THE KINGDOM SAT broadcasts on Galaxy 19 in North America, on Arabic radio across America, on the Aramaic Broadcasting Television Network, and through our Arabic on-the-ground follow-up coordinator here in America.� Our coordinator is a Muslim convert who was born and raised in the Middle East. He follows up directly with Muslims as they respond to our broadcasts. He answers their questions, evangelizes and connects them with pastors in Muslim communities in America for ongoing discipleship in Christ.

The barriers to evangelism found in Muslim countries do not exist here today and we have a great opportunity to reach them for Christ. Imagine the evangelistic ripple effect as their newfound faith ripples back to the lands from which they came!

Thank you for helping us to reach this mission field in our own backyard. It could have a tremendous impact on the future of this nation, and bring many into the Kingdom of God.

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