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Celebrating Grandfather's Remembrance Day Birthday
This is a cake from his 94th birthday - in 2007 

Greetings!  Join us to celebrate Grandfather William Commanda's life and work of wisdom, advocacy, love and reconciliation on November 13, 2016: A Come and Go or Come and Stay afternoon, with four GWC documentaries, socialization and food!  
2 pm - Ojigkwanong: Encounter with an Algonquin Sage - social justice/prisons
3 pm Circle of All Nations 2001 Gathering - celebrating diversity
4 pm The Awakening -  environmental challenges and priorities 
5 pm The Portage of Wisdom - legacy vision

If you can't join us, you may wish to check out his websites, and join us in remembering him and his work

506 Stratas Court, Kanata K2L 3K7

Park where there are no unit numbers marked or park on Pickford!
NOTE: THE Gathering IS NOT at GILMOUR This Time!