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November 6, 2017 - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



Complete Search and Seizure/Articulation is an in-depth look into the case law and the myths surrounding appropriate action by officers as it relates to search and seizure.    
Officers who take this course will obtain the tools they need to complete their duties and have the knowledge base to be confident in the lawfulness of their actions. Along with providing officers with several case law examples, officers will also be taught how to articulate their actions when testifying in court.    

This is an interactive class and officers taking this course will be exposed to several scenarios to help them better understand the information they are being taught.
After taking this training, participants will:
- Have a basic understanding regarding all aspects of search and seizure  
- Correctly articulate and defend their actions in court proceedings 

- Be capable of identifying and disproving myths concerning search and

- Gain the confidence and knowledge to be more proactive in the field after
participating in various instructor led scenarios
Jonathan L Sorg has been serving in law enforcement for over 11 years. His career began in 2004 with the Newport News Police Department in Hampton Roads VA where he worked in the High Impact Patrol (H.I.P) Unit. He participated in numerous buy/bust operations, search warrants, gang busts and several federal investigations. As a Detective in the Organized Crime Division, he took part in numerous narcotic search warrants, undercover operations, and federal joint task force operations. Detective Sorg then transferred to the Special Victims Unit where he conducted sensitive investigations involving child deaths, rapes, and abuse. After promotion Master Police Officer, Sorg trained new academy graduates as a Field Training Officer. After a stay with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Dept., he transferred to the Town Of Herndon Police Dept. Throughout his career he has been recognized for his hard work with numerous awards, including an award of Congressional Recognition and an award Of Outstanding Police Performance from the U.S Attorney's office.   Mr. Sorg himself has been named in several case laws throughout his career and has trained officers in the areas of Search and Seizure for Training Force USA.
All members of the criminal justice and legal community (sworn and non-sworn).
  • LOCATION:    
    Broward College Institute of Public Safety   

    3501 Davie Road, Building #21 (Central Campus)   

    Davie, Florida 33314  

    Monday, November 6, 2017

    Class starts at 8:00 AM Sharp - and ends at 5:00 PM (EST) 

    Business casual attire  
  • COST:        $199.00 per person
          Includes instruction, class materials, and certificate of completion
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