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A Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group June 2017 Update
2017 Conference: Community Philanthropy
The AGAG 2017 conference, "Africa Philanthropy in the 21st Century: Achieving Impact Through Building Community," emphasized building a sense of community among funders to achieve a collective impact. 

The session on " The Role of Community Philanthropy in Advancing Africa's Development Agenda" explored how the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund in South Africa and the Kilimani Project Foundation in Kenya are leveraging resources and making a difference.

Among the panelists was Sibongile Mkhabela , CEO of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Trust.

In a television interview on SABC Sibongile Mkhabela  talks about the opening of the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital in Johannesburg.
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Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT) works with NGOs, CBOs, and activists in 100 + communities across eastern and southern Africa to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights for girls and women. 

SAT was established in 1990 to support community-based organizations and to strengthen programs to combat HIV/AIDS. Its programs have evolved to focus on working for universal sexual and reproductive health and rights in inclusive and equitable health systems.

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The Luminos Fund is a private donor philanthropic fund designed to develop and scale initiatives which help out-of-school children get back to and learn in school. 

The Luminos Fund currently operates in Ethiopia and Liberia using the Speed School model, an accelerated learning program that equips out-of-school children with the basic education and skills needed to pass public school entrance exams and enter the formal school system.

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KCDF Turns 20
The  Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF)  will celebrate its 20th Anniversary in Nairobi with “Durable Development – Shifting the Power: Building Community Resilience,” a special two-day conference on June 22-23 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

KCDF is just one example of the impact of community philanthropy in Africa.  

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Linking Networks with the APSO Initiative

Philanthropy support organizations focusing on Africa are increasing. Although they represent different histories, motivations, approaches, and interests, they share a common interest in leveraging philanthropy to address issues affecting the lives of communities in Africa.

The Africa Philanthropy Support Organization (APSO) Initiative is a collaboration between the Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group, The Africa Philanthropy Network, and the East Africa Association of Grantmakers.

The goals of the APSO Initiative are to promote communications among a cohort of philanthropy support organizations working inside and outside of Africa, and to highlight how these organizations promote philanthropy that benefits African communities. 

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The Business of Education in Africa by Caerus Capital, LLC, profiles the Partnership Schools for Liberia program as one of its case studies. The report includes a forward by Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Published by the World Economic Forum, the  Africa Competitiveness Report presents policy recommendations which reflects the combined insights of the African Development Bank, the World Bank Group, and the World Economic Forum.
Download your copy of   U.S. Foundation Funding for Africa, the first-ever examination of the changes in American foundation funding for Africa over a decade. The report was commissioned by AGAG and published in cooperation with the Foundation Center.

For more on funding in Africa visit the  AGAG Resource Center
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AGAG's work is grounded in the belief that a strong and informed network of funders is essential to leveraging the impact of philanthropy to benefit African communities.

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