January 2017

AnaGain™ Nu
Stimulating hair growth & fighting hair loss 
Manufactured by Mibelle Biochemistry, AnaGain ™  Nu is specially designed to promote hair growth, reduce hair loss and to strengthen hair.

Here are some other benefits: 
  • The powder is vegetarian from Pea shoots and is water soluble.
  • Ideal for capsules, tablets, sachets, liquids, shots, teas and gummies.
  • Low 100mg recommended daily allowance (any more has no extra effect).
  • Results are faster than any other hair loss product currently on the market - usually after 1 month.
  • Clinically proven.
  • Manufactured without soil so a 'cleaner' product - no heavy metal or pesticide contamination!
  • Full control of the supply chain.
  • Swiss source - grown and harvested.
  • Available now.

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