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Spring 2017 

Qubit Systems designs and builds a wide range of analyzers and controllers for regulating various environmental conditions such as gas concentrations (O2,
CO 2, Water Vapour, H 2, CH 4), temperature, light level, pH, dissolved gases, relative humidity, salinity etc.  Systems are available with software to record, control and analyze variables.   

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Gas Control Systems

Set to PID mode, the controller energizes  a 3-way solenoid valve to  inject control gas (e.g. CO 2) into the carrier gas (e.g. air) to regulate the target gas level in a sample chamber or cabinet.  The levels of target gas in a sub-sample are measured by Qubit's gas
analyzers (CO 2, O 2, H 2, CH 4, RH).  A feedback signal is sent back to the Gas Controller which activates or deactivates the solenoid valve to control the flow,  
and thereby the desired level, of the target gas.   

Prices start at $4500 US
Aquatic Control Systems

Single or multi-channel systems for regulating pH, temperature, salinity, optical density etc. in aquatic environments.  Suitable for long-term unmonitored use.  Data displayed and saved in Qubit's software, with tools for data analysis. 

Prices start at $3000 US

Controlled Environment Chambers

Our Fytoscopes are the most advanced LED-based chambers in the world, and come in all sizes from reach-in to walk-in models.  We also provide large scale cultivation halls and greenhouses.  Fully programmable temperature, irradiance and RH with guaranteed homogeneity, and protocols to regulate all variables  linearly and non-linearly.  For plant, animal and insect studies.      

Prices depend on size and options.
Gas Mixing Systems

Can provide any gas mixture with up to 9 different components. Highly accurate gas blending, from less than 1 mL/min to hundreds of liters per minute, is provided by a single gas mixing system.  Gases are mixed using Qubit's Mass Flow Controllers with our PC-based C960 Gas Mixing Software which performs all the calculations required to generate your chosen gas mixture.  Settings are implemented with a mouse click.

Prices start at $5000 US
Concerning Environmental Control.....

The Mechanism of Epigenetics

Until now scientists have believed that the variations in traits - such as our height, skin color, tendency to gain weight or not, intelligence, tendency to develop certain diseases, etc., all of them traits that exist along a continuum - were a result of both genetic and environmental factors. But they didn't know how exactly these things worked together. By studying ants, researchers have identified a key mechanism by which environmental (or epigenetic) factors influence the expression of all of these traits, along with many more.


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