December 2016
Ancient City Baptist Church

27 Sevilla Street  St. Augustine, FL 32084
Week of Prayer for International Missions
and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

What is the Lottie Moon week of prayer all about?

David Platt, President of the International Mission Board and author of a New York Times bestseller, Radical, said "A pastor who believes that God is sovereign over all things will lead his people to be a death-defying missional people. Our sovereign God holds the destiny of the world in the palm of His hand. Therefore, His shepherds should lead their people to pray confidently, give sacrificially, go intentionally and die willingly for the spread of the gospel message to those who have never heard."

When evangelical Christianity was concentrated entirely in Western Europe and North America, everywhere else in the world needed the gospel. So, it was legitimate to send missionaries anywhere outside the evangelical heartland. Because travel in those days was usually by sea, the first wave of Protestant missionaries went to the coastlands of the non-evangelical world. Mission stations were established in port cities around Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The islands of the Pacific were also accessible to sailing ship, so missionaries went to them. Everywhere they went, the gospel was new, and gospel witness was desperately needed.

After a time, missionary leaders began to realize that their workers tended to stay along the coastlands, to the neglect of inland regions. After all, supplies and new recruits came by ship, and if things got bad, evacuation could only happen from the coast. In the mid-nineteenth century, the focus of mission work was able to shift to the interior regions of non-evangelical countries. The names of famous mission agencies like China Inland Mission, Sudan Interior Mission, and Africa Inland Mission reflected this shift.

At the time of the Lausanne Missionary Conference in 1974, there were evangelical Christians in most countries around the world. During the conference, a missiologist named Ralph Winter drew the attention of the missionary world to the priority of unreached people groups. A people group is not the same as a country. Members of a people group share the same ethnic identity. They typically have a common language, a common religion, and a common history.

When Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20), He used the word ethne, which refers to people groups and not to geopolitical countries. There are still thousands of people groups that no one is trying to reach with the gospel. Unless someone intentionally crosses barriers of language and culture to bring them the good news of Jesus, they will remain lost in darkness. Our International Mission Board gives priority to unreached people groups.

Our emphasis this week will be to pray for those who have gone, pray for more to respond to the call to become missionaries, and to give sacrifically so that unreached people will hear the Gospel.

   Christmas Cantata Coming
Sunday, December 4, 11:00 am

Under the direction of Curtis Powell, our Sanctuary Choir has been preparing for an exceptional experience of worship for this coming Sunday. The choir will be accompanied by a string ensemble. This is an ideal time to invite a friend or relative to attend the service with you.

We will be reminded this Christmas season of what a blessed gift God has given us in Jesus. In this new musical, God's Great Love, creator Keith Christopher has beautifully interwoven music, narration, and Scripture to bring listeners to a place of worship and reverence as their thoughts are drawn to the manger. The choral arrangements and string accompaniment will provide a moving experience for the choir and the congregation. Gather at the manger this Christmas and celebrate God's great love.

   Picture Gallery

Deacons cooking steak for Jim Lee Dinner

Jimmy Meade and Mike Chandler enjoy steak together 

Choirs from Grace Methodist, ACBC and Memorial Presbyterian process from church to church

The 65 voice combined choir blessed our hearts!

                             Nursery Schedule for December

Dec. 4
Betty Lee
Jill Chapman
Cindy Athanaseas
Ruth Hammond
Dec. 11
Jeanette Booth
Dottie Rice
Ruth Mull
Sandra Caraway
Dec. 18
Linda Crosby
Brad Burnsworth
Polly Burnsworth
Mary Perry
Dec. 25
No Sunday School
Linda Parrish
Louise Meade


   Greeters for November

Carolyn Blake

Carolyn Calhoun

Joy West

December 04
Mike Doyle
Rod Hampton
December 11
Larry Sheaffer
Nick Athanaseas
December 18
Bob Blake
Ken Green
December 25
Mark Hall
Brad Steele

Vol. 4 No. 4 

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Sunday Dec. 4
Christmas Cantata
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11:00 am

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ACCA Committee Mtg.
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Tues. Dec. 13
Deacons Mtg. 
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Sunday Dec. 18
Nights of Lights Train
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arrive 15 minutes
 early. Cost is  $8. 
Refreshments afterward.  

December 24
 Christmas Eve
Candlelight Communion Service
5:00-6:00 pm

December 25
Worship Service 
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Ancient City Christian Academy News

The Academy has 1 opening for a 2-year old, 1 opening for VPK and several openings for 3-year olds. Share this information with your friends and family and ask them to call for a tour (904-824-4256) or email

Erin Clanahan, meteorologist with Action News Jax, poses with Academy children after her visit this month.

Approximately 75 attended the Academy Thanksgiving celebration.

Each pre-school group sang for before the meal.

The feast included two turkeys, 10 lbs. of popcorn chicken, plus plenty of side dishes and desserts.

Larry DuBose
Ancient City Baptist Church