September 2016
Ancient City Baptist Church

27 Sevilla Street  St. Augustine, FL 32084

   Care Fest 
Sending a United Message

CareFest St. Augustine will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year on September 24. Over the last 9 years more than 6,200 volunteers have completed 643 projects by serving 31,000+ volunteer hours. Just last year there were 900 volunteers from 32 churches and organizations completing 93 projects. The work of CareFest represents a gift of more than $926,000 in goods and services. 

Our team of volunteers numbers more than 20. Led by Larry Sheaffer with the help of Cindy Lewis and Nick Athanaseas, they will join hundreds of others on Francis Field at 7:30 am on Saturday, September 24 for a continental breakfast followed by a challenge from Scripture, prayer and inspiring music before they leave for their selected projects for the day. One of the project locations last year will repeated this year, the Boys and Girls Club of St. Augustine located on West King Street. Office work inside will be combined with pressure washing and yard work outside.

Jesus commanded His followers to be generous to the poor. (Luke 11:41) and said, "Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God." (Luke 6:20)  It is our privilege to join with Christians in other churches to establish a united testimony that St. Augustine cares.

   Important Call for School Volunteers 
at the Webster School

The Webster School is one of the schools with which  we have partnered. It is  classified as a Title I school because the needs of the children are greater in this type of school. This past school year they received a "D" grade based on FSA test scores. It is urgent that every effort be made to help the students to achieve a higher grade.

As a loving, caring church that reaches out to others in our community we can
certainly pray for them. But, we can do more by getting involved  personally  in the lives of the precious children in this school. H ere are some ways we can support and encourage this school.
  • We can be mentors. As mentors, we can develop a one-on-one relationship with a child. This provides us with the opportunity to be a positive influence in their life. Training is available.
  • We can be literacy tutors. Listen to a child read. Read to a child. Ask the child questions about what they have read. Provide encouragement.
  • We can volunteer to help a teacher in a classroom. The art and science teachers are always in need of an extra pair of hands.
Our purpose is to show God's love through our words, deeds, and actions as we minister at the Webster School. What a privilege we have to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these special children. If you are willing to make a difference in the lives of children please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Lewis, by calling the church office (829-3476) or sending her a note by email (click her name on the side bar).
Soup, Salad and Scripture
Begins September 13 at 11:30

The origin of this ministry goes back to the late 80's when Myrtle McDaniel launched it as an outreach. Groups of people from the School Board led by Cindy Athanaseas, the City of St. Augustine offices led by Nell Porter and the East Coast Railroad led by Hattie Brown brought their brown bag lunches to Ancient City Baptist and enjoyed eating together and hearing a lesson from the Bible.  

Times do change and common business lunch hours have disappeared.  Many of the people involved have moved away or have retired and we are not too keen on brown bag lunches anymore. But, everything has not changed! People still want to come to ACBC to hear the  Old, Old Story of God's Love. God's Word has not changed.  His truth is eternal and that is the essential point and the central core of this year's ministry.

Three years ago we studied the  Word Preserved.  We saw how God had kept His Word safe from the time of the early Christian Church through the following 1500 years.  The next year we traced the  Word Disseminated by discovering how God's messengers had taken God's Word to peoples and nations all around the world.  Last year we watched in awe and wonder as we explored the created results of the  Word Spoken. Our brains sometimes felt exhausted because there was so much to comprehend.  Surely by now we have said it all.  Not so.  This year we begin to trace the  Word Unchanging.  We will use John 1:1 as our introductory Scripture:  "In the beginning was the Word".  Most of our focus this fall will be on Abraham.  

Soup, Salad, and Scripture begins again on September 13 and will continue each Tuesday until November 22.  The programs begin at 11:30 am and end at 1 pmLunch is provided. Come join us as together we see how God is working out His purpose as one year succeeds another. Bifocal vision is not required but will be especially useful!    Contact Laurel DuBose (412-216-4955) for further details.

Feed My Sheep

Our final delivery of food for the homeless children and families in West St. Augustine was Thursday, August 4. In addition to the bags of food, this delivery  included 71 backpacks stuffed with school supplies for the children. A great group of volunteers stuffed the bags according to the supply lists for each grade. Backpacks appropriate for each age had been purchased and all featured a popular theme or decoration.  As the children entered Webster School with their parents, their eyes lit up with excitement. They were given the opportunity to select their very own backpack from the proper group for their grade level. This year's Feed My Sheep ministry ended with a great sense of accomplishment and expressions of thanks from parents and children who were helped. Those serving in this ministry wish to thank the people of Ancient City Baptist Church who make it possible to extend a helping hand. In as much as you have done this for them, you have done this for Christ. 



Facilities Update

Over the last few months a number of repairs and improvements have been made to our buildings and grounds. One of the first was a roof repair on the education building. A leak had caused ceiling damage in Ruth Mull's Sunday School classroom. That repair was made in time for the room to be used by VBS without further problems. The door leading to the grass parking lot was replaced due to deterioration at the bottom. The installer boasted that the glass in the door could withstand a 200 mph wind! The grass parking lot has been improved in two ways. First, concrete gravel was placed in the low places of the entrance and exit driveways. Second, trees and bushes were removed in preparation for a fence to divide the parking lot from our neighbor to the west who has had problems with unwelcome cars coming in the evening and seeking the seclusion of the bushes. With the clearing out and the fence, that problem will be eliminated and our neighbors will be more safe. The fountain has been repaired and coated with a product that should close any cracks and allow for some flexibility before opening a leak in the future. The overhang over the double doors entering the education building from the courtyard has also be repaired and refinished. Finally, the flooring of the front porch of the church office has been replaced and the front porch re-painted. It really looks great! Thanks to Tom Parrish for his dedicated work on these projects and thanks to his helper David Wampler. 

Fountain repaired and beautified

Door to grass parking lot replaced.

Porch flooring for church office replaced and porch re-painted
New gravel for entrance and exit to grass parking lot

Church Observes Dr. Hackett's 50th Anniversary in Ministry


Dr. and Mrs. Hackett sharing the plaque he received
Beautiful cake prepared by Pat Hampton for the occasion
Heart 2Heart Women's Ministry

We have a great lineup for worship, Bible study, fellowship and fun.
Mark your calendar for this month's event.

September is 
Thursday, September 22, 7:00 pm
Fellowship Hall
 SPEAKER: Marilyn Terry

Stay tuned for more information
For more information about this  ministry or transportation to an  event contact Rosemary Bagwell
by clicking:  Email Rosemary
 or call the church office

"Back to THE Book"
August 24
Fellowship & Bible Study

Joanne Hackett brought us a wonderful word

from God ... about His Word .. THE Book.

Along with music, singing ....

... food ...
... fellowship.

Vol. 4  No. 1

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Soup, Salad and Scripture
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Ancient City Christian Academy News

Our academy is growing and we are pleased to announce that we have 28 students enrolled from ages 2 years through 4 years of age. Back this fall after completing her degree at St. Johns River State College is Amanda Richter teaching the 2 year olds.  Her baby is due in November but she expects to be back after the Christmas holidays. Returning to ACCA is a former teacher, Caroline Cappuccio, who is a senior at Flagler College. Caroline participated in an exciting mission trip to Peru this past summer and she is also working with the Classical Conversations home school group meeting here at ACBC on Thursdays. Cheryl Metsky is returning for her third year leading the VPK program for 4 year old children. Denise Trammell is returning to teach the 3 year olds and will participate in the afternoon program also. Melody Bush is returning as assistant to the Director. She may be found in any area of the program as a need arises. Peggy Woznick is returning as the director for the fourth year.

The month of September is exciting as it has long been associated with the beginning of a new school year. September is also an exciting month because the Football Season begins. To celebrate that, we are inviting all the children to wear their favorite team jersey on September 8. We have invited Tim Tebow to come read a book to the children but have no idea if he will accept our invitation. Should he be unavailable, we will find the best Christian athlete available. We also want to give everyone a heads-up on our plans to have a float in the Christmas Parade. We're sure the kids will enjoy this.  If you will help with this, please let us know!



Larry DuBose
Ancient City Baptist Church