MICRO CHIP wins... It's a no brainer!!  
Think about it!
Does your pet have a ticket home? $15
Dogs and cats sometimes wander off
Make it easy for them to get home.  It is
simple, Microchip ($15) and make sure your information is up to date

This is a good example of the microchip advantage.
Thursday July 13. 2017   
Larry P. on his way home from work spotted a dog walking down a busy roadway, figuring he was lost, put him in his truck and brought him into our clinic.
it was 4.25pm.  We ran a scanner over the dog, up came a line of numbers.  The dog was registered at our local Animal Care and Control.  At
4.30pm we had the name, address and tel. number of the owner.
4.50pm we left information on an answer machine
5.45pm  his owner is rushing in our door and you can see the happy reunion, and he is safe at home.  
A microchip is a ticket home.   Make sure your pet is chipped and that your information is up to date.  Not sure if it is chipped, come on in to our lobby any day of the week, we will check it for you, no charge.

Microchip = Going Home

No microchip..... 
- Dog would have been sent to ACC 
- Owner may have been searching for dog all night
- Owner would have been worried about pet 
- Would have had to pay to get him out of ACC
- A traumatic nightmare for the pet!

Make it easy for you and your pet!  
Yes, it is a video of a woman taking her dog to her house.. that's it

It's a no brainer having your pet "micro chipped"
Ohhhh Precious "Mia"
Mia is still with us, nobody has come to give her a home, and daily she is learning more and more and due to the constant exposure she is no longer so scared of other dogs, hardly barks at them any more.


She needs a home, and a family with kids to love on.
COULD YOU FOSTER HER SO SHE CAN GET OUT AND RUN?, she is just a baby 7mths old.   Fenced yard, no other dogs, and preferably with children to love on, perfect!   Come and meet her, give her a chance, get her out of the cage please.

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