Parent Connection: Freshmen Parent Edition
Welcome to the AU Family

AU_Family Hello Parents! One year ago, I was where you are now . . . getting ready to send my child off to Anderson University. I realize I might have had an advantage since I know this campus well and the people who would be teaching, nurturing, and guiding my son, Levi. I already felt comfortable with him being at AU, and, of course, it didn't hurt to know that I might even get to see him from time to time. I didn't seek him out, though . . . I let him come to me. He stopped by my office periodically, sometimes when he needed something and sometimes when he was nearby and just wanted to say, "Hi."

Although most of you will not have that type of advantage, I do hope you will all feel comfortable with your child's choice to attend Anderson University. I think it's a great place to learn and grow, and I am passionate about AU and its mission "to educate for a life of faith and service in the church and society."

This summer I will be communicating with you a few times as you and your child prepare for this new chapter in your lives. For now, I'd like to point out two important things as you make your preparations. First, be sure to utilize all the information you will receive in a few day from Student Life in the "News for New Students" newsletter being sent to your child. You'll find info about what to take to college, what you need to know from ITS (our computer gurus), important contact info, what happens at orientation, and much, much more.
Second, plan now to attend Parent Orientation when you take your child to AU. You'll learn a lot about Anderson University and probably have all your questions answered. You will have the opportunity to hear from President Edwards and his executive staff, and meet the people who will be instrumental in guiding your child through their college years. The programming for parents is excellent and I highly recommend you plan to be here.

In addition to being on staff at AU, it's also my alma mater. I loved my time here, and had many wonderful and rich experiences on which to build my future. And, that's what I hope for your child and mine . . . a wonderful and rich experience at AU, surrounded by interesting and caring people of faith.

Blessings to all parents who love their children.
Associate Director
of Alumni & Parent Programming 
Noteworthy Dates:


August 26th: 

~ International Students    Arrive


August 27th-30th: 

~ International Student    Orientation


August 30th: 

~ New Student

   Move-in Day
~ New Student Orientation    Begins
~ Family Picnic in the Valley
~ President's Convocation    and Reception
~ Final New Student    Registration
~ Placement Exams


August 31st: 

~ New Student Orientation
~ Parent Orientation and    Picnic Lunch
~ Upperclassmen Return


September 3rd:

~ Labor Day Holiday


September 4th: 

~ Classes begin


October 5-6: 

~ Homecoming


December 20th: 

~ Last day of Semester I  

It seems like just yesterday you held back the sentimental tears as you sent your child off to Kindergarten. Now her bags are packed for college, and you're wondering how you will ever cope with the change. You worry about how she'll manage without you - and worry even more about how YOU will manage without HER. Chances are that everything will be fine, but a little forethought can help assure that your child's college years will run as smoothly as possible.




Prepare Your Child 

The hardest lesson for new college students to learn is that college is not like high school. The pace is much faster. The content learned in a year of a high school class may be crammed into eight or ten weeks in college. Work that high school students do in class is often done outside of class in college. Required reading may have been graded in high school, but rarely so in college. Talk with your child about what changes she may have to make in her study habits. How can she best stay organized? What are some active study techniques that she can use?