Parent Connection: Freshmen Parent Edition
Buckle Up:
Change is Coming!


Hi fellow AU parents!

Just a couple more weeks and you'll be helping your child move on to the next chapter in his or her life...the college years. For most, these are huge years of personal growth--academically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. This is the time they take all they've learned until now from you and many other sources like teachers, coaches, pastors, friends, and relatives, and apply it to real life. This is also the time they challenge what they've learned so far and figure out just who they are...and who they want to become.

This time can be exciting, frustrating, liberating, confusing, and even exhilarating for your child, and probably you, too. There will most likely be extreme highs and lows for your student, and maybe for you, as well. But somehow, you'll all make it through, and your child will come out on the other side a more confident, caring, and independent person. Because of the strong community and committed faculty and staff here, I believe Anderson University is an excellent place for this to happen.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to read the article in the Parent Resource section about academic and "life" readiness for college. Help your child build confidence by helping him or her be ready to take control of his or her college experience. I hope this article helps you all prepare for the growth to come. So...buckle up--it could be an exciting and bumpy ride.

I hope to see you at Parent Orientation!

Blessings to all parents who love their children.



Associate Director
of Alumni & Parent Programming 
Noteworthy Dates: 

August 26: 

~ International Students    Arrive


August 27-30: 

~ International Student    Orientation


August 30: 

~ New Student

   Move-in Day
~ New Student Orientation    Begins
~ Family Picnic in the Valley
~ President's Convocation    and Reception
~ Final New Student    Registration
~ Placement Exams


August 31: 

~ New Student Orientation
~ Parent Orientation and    Picnic Lunch
~ Upperclassmen Return


September 3:

~ Labor Day Holiday


September 4: 

~ Classes begin


October 5-6: 

~ Homecoming

~ Family Weekend


December 20: 

~ Last day of Semester I  

We've written several posts about college parents as "helicopter parents" and about college parents' important role of coaching from the sidelines. We still have an important job, but not the same role we had when our student was in high school. We've also used the analogy of teaching our teenager to drive a car. We need to get out of the driver's seat and allow them to get behind the wheel. It's a disconcerting, and sometimes terrifying, proposition for many parents.

We think this is good advice for parents. We need to assume a new role. However, this only works if your student is ready to take control. One of our tasks as parent is to help our student get ready for college. This means more than helping to pack the boxes and making trips to the home store for dorm furnishings. College readiness requires academic readiness, but also "life" readiness. Your student needs to be ready to take control when the time comes. You will feel better, and so will he.