Angel Interfaith Network News - April 2017
Thank you for your neighbor to neighbor support of our services to the patients and families at LAC+USC Medical Center.  Below is our monthly newsletter including some stories of how your generosity is making a difference in so many lives.
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April- a time to remember new beginnings in the past and to look forward to the new that is coming. So, keep an eye open for the brand new AIN logo, about to be launched!

Who We Serve:

Four-month-old  Elijah 
has been a patient at LAC+USC Medical Center with heart and lung problems.  His 5-year-old sister has the same heart problem and is still in diapers. 
Dad is sole provider for his family of six and has been having a hard time making ends meet.
He works at a car wash and due to all the rains has had his hours cut affecting the household income. AIN was able to help with Pampers size 2 and 5, food coupons and rental assistance. The family couldn't thank us enough for the help we provided when we delivered the items.
We have paid several visits to Mrs. Smith, a 94 old patient who lives alone, taking her a commode and Depends.  Recently her son, who cares for her, brought her to a clinic appointment at the hospital. We usually don't have clients come by the AIN office, but since she was nearby she was able to come and pick up Depends and Ensure at her social worker's request.  Mrs. Smith is such a delight and both she and her son were so appreciative that AIN was able to help with the support she needed.
Cesar was diagnosed with HIV in 1990.  His sister Lucia has been caring for him, but now she has cancer and has been unable to work and help Cesar as much as she has in the past.  Cesar was in need of Depends and clothing ­- shirts and pants.  Cesar was so grateful and his sister greatly relieved that
AIN was able to help them in this time of need.
Urgent Needs:  
Following the thread that runs through this month's stories, the need for Pampers and Depends is ongoing! An important way to help is by becoming a Sustaining Angel. Sign-up today.
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Thank You!  

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As always, your support is what makes our work possible.
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