June 2017 
Thank you for your neighbor to neighbor support of our services to the patients and families at LAC+USC Medical Center.  Below is our monthly newsletter.
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Save the Date: August 19th 2017
Louise Inouye and the Presbyterian Women of
First Presbyterian Church of Altadena are planning an Angel Interfaith Network Fundraiser and you are invited! Reservations are $35 and must be made by August 10. Contact Alice Young weekdays between 9 AM and noon for more information at
(626) 791-4271. 

Who We Serve:  
Maria is the primary caregiver to her 49-year-old partially blind, wheelchair-bound, son diagnosed in 2010 with the same neurological disease that cut short his father's life. 

Maria was referred to Angel Interfaith Network by her son's social worker because, without warning, they were notified that the son no longer qualified for Medi-Cal and the cost for the healthcare items that he critically needed would no longer be covered.

Maria arrived at our doorstep to collect a donation of Depends, wipes, plastic gloves, and perineal wash, and as an Angel Interfaith Network youth volunteer, Rayden, rolled the cart carrying the items to the doorway where she stood, her eyes filled with tears.

Clasping her hands together, Maria quietly uttered thanksgiving for this gift that would help her meet her son's healthcare needs.

We are grateful to all our donors who help us deliver the gift of relief and service!

Network Partners:  
The Takata family has been donating to AIN for many years and are introducing their 2-year-old granddaughter Makayla to the art of giving.
Makayla donated her first bag of toddler toys and clothing that will surely bring warmth and joy to another child. This month we find ourselves reflecting on the beauty of families, of appreciating the opportunities that we find to strengthen their legacy of giving and service, and for giving thanks to our family of Angel Interfaith Network donors.
Urgent Needs: 
Wheelchairs, Adult Depends, &
  Ensure nutrition shakes.

  If you have merchandise to donate please coordinate delivery with Belinda@AngelInterfaith.net  
 or call 323-226-6923 
Thank You! 

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As always, your support is what makes our work possible.
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